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Student Stories

Micah – Discovering Her Calling as a Massage Therapist 

Micah moved to Canada from the Philippines in 2017 and decided to enroll in MaKami

Andrea – Facing Her Fears and Fulfilling a Dream 

Andrea overcame enormous challenges as a residential school survivor and became a health care aide

Lisa – Opening a World of Potential  

Lisa Smallboy moved from her reserve in rural Alberta to pursue her career as a

Ilene – Building a Prosperous Future for Her Family 

Ilene Reyes was a dayhome owner when she received a massage at MaKami's student clinic

Michael – Using Fate to Create a Better Future

Michael thought his future was mapped out as an automotive technician until fate stepped in.

Kassi – Starting a New Era as a Business Administrator  

Kassi Jeffrey was nervous to return to school, but found academic and emotional support after

Maricel – From Fast Food to Family Legacy 

Maricel moved to Canada and was working in the fast food industry, but always knew

Samuel – A Father Who Wanted More

Samuel Carera wanted more than to juggle multiple jobs and struggle. Through the power of

Taylor – A Massage Therapy Entrepreneur

Taylor was a young retail worker getting some much-needed massage therapy when she stumbled into

Florin – A Passion for Helping Athletes

As an athlete, Florin was always getting injuries, which led to a passion for healing

Maria – Finding Success with Massage Therapy

Maria has worn many hats throughout her life, but she says none have been as

Avelina – Adding Massage Therapy To Her Resume

Regular Success Stories readers may recognize Avelina – she was recently featured as a graduate

Emmanuel – A More Flexible Schedule with Massage Therapy

Emmanuel had a hectic schedule in his previous life as a cook. Since graduating from

Avelina – Finding a Bright Future with MaKami

Originally from the Philippines, Avelina pursued a career in business before deciding to follow her

Jhonalyn – A 13 Year Journey into Massage Therapy

Jhonalyn's journey into massage therapy took 13 years up until she graduated in 2018 from

Cresencia – The Confidence for a New Future

Cresencia wasn’t sure what career she wanted to pursue when she first came to Canada

Glenda – Pursuing Her Passion at 68

Glenda was a 68-year-old retired teacher when she decided to start a new career as

Donald – Overcoming Disabilities to Reach Success at MaKami

A brain aneurism dramatically changed the trajectory of Donald's life, spurring the goal of becoming

Derrol – A New Future as a Health Care Aide

Derrol moved to Canada from the Philippines and was working in the telecommunications industry when

Sandra – Finding Flexibility and Financial Freedom Through Massage Therapy

Sandra was a busy mom working as a medical esthetician and in construction when she

Ana – A Positive Future Through Massage Therapy

Ana wasn't sure what she wanted to do with her career when she came to

Hannah – Transforming her Life with Massage Therapy

Hannah was a dental assistant for eight years before deciding to pursue massage therapy as

Colinda – Using Massage Therapy to Build Her Career Path

Colinda always had an interest in the human body and helping others, so she decided