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MaKami students get tons of benefits – even after they graduate!

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MaKami College is proud to offer an in-house mentorship program for our students.

Qualified students from MaKami’s programs have the chance to become mentors at MaKami and share what they’ve learned in their training and careers with the next generation of students.

Students with excellent leadership skills are given the opportunity to work under an instructor as paid interns and receive mentorship during their schooling to help further their career.

Upon completion of their internship, mentored students can apply to become instructors or apply within the company to assist directors.

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VIP Buying Privileges

Are you a MaKami Alumni member of one of our programs in Calgary or Edmonton?

Are you an employer of MaKami Grads?

MaKami alumni and employers of MaKami massage students and graduates get some great perks! You could get 10% – 30% off at our school store!

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Student Loan Maintenance

Prior to graduation, the SAS department will contact you to discuss your repayment obligations and to help you develop a repayment plan to meet your needs.

When you graduate, your Alberta Student Loan will be payment-free and interest-free for six months, and your Canada Student Loan will be payment-free for six months, but will begin to accrue interest immediately.

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Student Success Stories

Our students go on to do amazing things! Here’s what some MaKami Alumni are doing with their advanced massage therapy training.

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