Financial Assistance

Scholarships, bursaries, loans and grants may be available for MaKami College students. Contact your Student Advisor to discuss your financial assistance opportunities.

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Financial Aid FAQ's

How much does training cost?

You may be eligible for scholarships to study at MaKami College. Please contact us or book a tour for more information.

What financial assistance can I get?

Our Student Advisory team can help direct you on where to find information on student loans, financial assistance from local partners, charity grants and other forms of funding such as Queen Esther Education Foundation.

Can I pay in installments?

Prior to graduation, the Student Advisory Services team will contact you to discuss your payment obligations and develop a payment plan to meet your needs

What student loan options are available?

There are student loans such as Alberta Student Loan and Canada Student Loan that can help ease the financial commitment of post-secondary education.

Are student loans interest-free?

When you graduate, your Alberta Student Loan will be payment-free and interest-free for six months, and your Canada Student Loan will be payment-free for six months but will begin to accrue interest immediately.

Contact us for more information on financial options

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It’s the culture of MaKami that sold me, you don’t just leave with the excellent education – you leave with relationships that are going to help support you throughout your career.

Reide / Massage Therapy Graduate

Doesn’t matter what campus you’re on, it’s the community that we make here at MaKami – with the staff and with the students – that makes it what it is. You’re a part of the community and so if you’re here at MaKami, you’re going to be well taken care of.

Freddy / Massage Therapy Graduate