Strategic Academic Support Services

MaKami’s strategic academic learning team is comprised of learning strategists, tutors, ESL instructors and more who are here to support your academic learning journey.

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Student meeting with a SALT mental health counseling providing suicide prevention support

Your Strategic Academic Learning Team (SALT)

MaKami College Helps Students Succeed

MaKami’s Strategic Academic Learning Team (SALT) Manager, Olakunle Akinyode, shares how their team supports students to ensure their academic success. All services are free of charge to students and can include a strategic learning plan with the help of our learning strategists, group and individual tutoring support, ESL courses, counseling, and more.

Your SALT academic support team assists students with the following academic support services:

  • Strategic Learning Plan: Meet with one of our experienced learning strategists who will work with you to create a custom learning plan to meet your needs and schedule.
  • ESL Support: MaKami provides group and individual ESL classes and practice groups.
  • Accessibility: MaKami students can access a wide variety of disability support services to help ensure their academic success. This includes both financial assistance for accommodations or special equipment, as well as academic assistance through sessions with a learning strategist, and one-on-one tutoring.
  • Mental Health Counselling: On-site counsellors and psychologists provide support to students and their families to encourage good mental health and wellness. 
  • Suicide Prevention: We also provide suicide prevention services to help prevent emergency situations.
  • Stress Management Support: Balancing academics, work commitments, and personal life can often lead to stress. MaKami offers stress management assistance and guidance to help you effectively manage all life throws your way.
  • Learning Assistance: One-on-one and group tutoring is available from our learning assistants and tutors to improve academic learning for struggling students or those that need extra help. Tutoring services including ESL support and other program tutoring at both our Calgary and Edmonton campuses. View tutoring hours.

The following external resources are available to support your academic learning: