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Your Student Advisory Services (SAS) Team

Your Student Advisory Services (SAS) team can assist you with the following:

  • Funding Options: collaborating with students and government funding sources to meet the needs of students.
  • Academic Advising: providing academic support including tutoring services and ESL options.
  • Housing: helping students be aware of local, affordable housing options.
  • Health Services: providing students with health care options
  • Disability Funding and Support: MaKami students are eligible for disability funding, and students can access a wide variety of services to help support disabilities
  • Mental Health Counselling: on-site Counsellors and Psychologists provide support to students and their families to encourage good mental health and wellness
  • Public Transportation: providing information regarding the nearest transportation options in and around our campuses.
  • Childcare Services: linking parents with accessible childcare options for their children.
  • Low-Income Support: connecting students with local and provincial partners in finding appropriate programs and services to meet their family’s needs.
  • Discounts for Students: offering students a national discount card that provides a 10-15% discount on products and services from over 100 local and national companies.
  • Employment Opportunities: offering resume writing and interview skills advice while collaborating with local businesses to help students find part-time jobs while studying.
  • Community Support: networking with local community organizations such as cultural and religious societies to help students find support off campus and within their community.
  • International Student Services: assisting International students both local and abroad who are transitioning into life in Alberta.
  • Alumni Support: introducing students to the MaKami support services for graduates such as student loan repayment options, entrepreneurial advice and school store discounts and purchases.