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Our Story

MaKami College started as a dream to help people improve their lives by removing barriers of entry to education and success.

MaKami College’s CEO Marija Pavkovic-Tovissi immigrated to Canada as a youth. Like many immigrants, the Pavkovic family lived below the poverty line when they arrived. “I watched my parents struggle and work hard to build a new life in our new home, which meant working long hours trying to financially provide for our family.”

Pavkovic-Tovissi’s mother Ljubica had a passion for learning and was determined to succeed. She quickly realized becoming re-educated was the key to her family’s success, and she began applying to post-secondary programs.

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Press Releases

Check out the latest news and press releases from MaKami College.

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MaKami College has been the recipient of numerous awards for a variety of community initiatives.

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Underserved Populations

MaKami College was founded with the purpose to help remove barriers to education. Learn more about how we specialize in assisting underserved populations of students with physical, mental and socio-economical barriers to achieve their educational dreams. 

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Advancing the use of technology in education has been a mandate of MaKami College since opening. Learn how MaKami uses various forms of technology such as iPads, Augmented Reality and more to help students be successful in their careers. 

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MaKami is committed to helping improve the environment and reducing environmental impact. Learn more about MaKami’s various current and future environmental initiatives.

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Community & Events

MaKami participates in a variety of community events and initiatives across Alberta. Learn more about how MaKami is rooted in community.

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