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Policies and Procedures

MaKami’s policies and procedures help support the school’s vision, mission and values.

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This page outlines MaKami College’s student policies and procedures. We encourage all students to carefully review the policies and procedures listed below. You can do this by clicking on each section to download each policy and procedure in full.

For more information on any policies and procedures, please contact us.

Appeals and Dispute Resolution Procedure

The Appeals and Dispute Resolution Procedure explains the process MaKami College follows for disputes and appeals. The Procedure applies to all student appeals.

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Fees and Refunds Policy

This policy details the framework MaKami College uses for tuition, fees and deadlines, along with fee refunds or adjustments. It also provides the basis for timely payment of tuition, fees, as well as fee adjustments or refunds.

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Withdrawal Procedure

This procedure explains how to formally withdraw from a college program.

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Fee Payments and Refunds Procedure

The procedure details the process for fee payments and refunds.

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Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy

This policy gives the framework for student rights and responsibilities and the approach for dispute resolution and appeals.

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Withdrawals Policy

This policy covers the circumstances under which formal withdrawal occurs from a MaKami College program.

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Babies in Class Policy

This policy outlines the policies surrounding babies in classrooms at MaKami College, including age limits, accesses and more.

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Tutoring Appointment Agreement

This agreement is to be completed by students prior to receiving tutoring in MaKami’s Student Success Centre (SSC).

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