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Taylor – A Massage Therapy Entrepreneur

Taylor, a massage therapy entrepreneur and graduate at MaKami College

Taylor was a young retail worker getting some much-needed massage therapy when she stumbled into a new career herself.

“I was working in retail, and I was only 19 and was still learning how to be an adult. My massage therapist at the time, who was a wonderful therapist, recommended I try going to MaKami College because she went there herself. So I figured if she was that good, I could probably be that good as well.”

Taylor checked out the school and decided to enroll.

“My experience at MaKami was great,” says Taylor. “I had a fantastic time, I met great people, and the instructors are fabulous. They went above my expectations of what I would come out of school knowing. I had a job before I left my second year, which was so nice because I didn’t have to worry about leaving school and finding a job, and it helped me pay my bills while getting work experience.”

After graduating from MaKami in 2014, Taylor worked at a number of different places. “I worked at a chiropractor’s office, I worked for a yoga studio and a spa and then I decided it was time to go off on my own, so I started Zen Paradise Massage, Yoga and Wellness and I’ve never looked back.”

Taylor says she loves being a business owner. “You set your own schedule, if you build loyal clients they will come back to you time and time again, and the freedom of it is wonderful. Being a massage therapist has also freed my financially. I work less than the average person in a retail environment and I make more. I do feel like I have more freedom being a business owner.”

She adds her favourite part of being a massage therapist is the people she gets to help. “I love when people come in and I get to help them with their pains, aches and they become friends. When you have a day spending with clients you love it’s a great day, it makes for a great work environment as well.”

In the future, Taylor is looking to expand her studio. “I would love to get into a bigger space and hire more therapists people to help me out because we’re small but busy. I would love to hire a MaKami student. I felt very confident in all I learned in my two years with them and I would love to have someone from MaKami work for me.”

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