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The Jones Family – Finding the Support They Needed to Thrive

An African Canadian father sits in his wheelchair in between his son on the left and his daughter on the right, with massage tables and chairs pictured in the background of a MaKami College massage therapy classroom

The Jones family discovered renewed purpose in their lives and careers after they all graduated from MaKami College’s Business Administrative Assistant Certificate program. 

Richard Jones and his children Justin, 17, and Breanna, 20, started their journey with MaKami when a friend of Richard’s recommended MaKami College and Richard decided to enroll. 

“Before MaKami, I was helping other people with their struggling businesses,” Richard explains. “MaKami’s Business Administration program gave me another muscle to pump up to make my business even stronger.”  

Since graduating, the knowledge Richard gained from the Business Administration program has helped him improve life for his family and put food on the table. 

Richard, who is disabled, says he found support in every direction while at MaKami, and it made a huge difference to his education.  

“If you have a situation, let MaKami know. They want you to succeed.”  

Because his experience was so positive, he encouraged Justin and Breanna to enroll as well.  

“At MaKami, they are prepared to help you increase your value and prepare you for your future,” he says. “They help you build a solid foundation to stand on, no matter what direction you choose to go in your career. It’s like having a superhero.” 

He explains that the college staff provided support and encouraged his family to improve, and the combination of the two helped his family thrive.  

“If you are willing to take the step forward, MaKami College will take the steps with you. That’s what makes MaKami number one.” 

Justin and Breanna enrolled soon after Richard encouraged them to attend, and because they all took the Business Administrative Assistant program, they were able to help and support one another when needed.   

Justin started at MaKami while he was finishing high school. He loved his experience so much that he enrolled in the Advanced Clinic Massage Therapy program. 

“My experience at MaKami was much different than my high school,” Justin says.  

“My high school barely had any supports, but MaKami has support systems you can use anytime, like tutoring and free counselling services. MaKami is a lot like a family – the staff want us to be successful in life and accomplish all our goals despite any struggles. If you need the support, they’re here for you all the way.” 

Breanna agrees with her family on the difference the college supports made in her education. 

“My experience at MaKami was amazing. There were so many things to learn, opportunities to socialize with others and the means to learn skills and accomplish my goals,” she says. “I felt like I had wings on my back, like I could fly! I have used the services so many times.” 

After graduating from the Business Administration program, Breanna enrolled in the Health Care Aide program. She drew inspiration from family who worked in the medical profession as nurses and doctors, which made her want to make a difference, too.  

“The services the medical field provides are very important, and there’s a shortage of nurses.” 

The program is a good fit for Breanna. 

“I love learning how to handle an emergency, take care of patients, give medication and move and adjust the hospital bed.” 

For anyone who may be nervous about attending college, Breanna encourages them to give it a try. “Post-secondary education is important, especially for a career you’re interested in pursuing. To make the most of your experience, be open-minded, engage with people and get to know your instructor.” 

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