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Micah – Discovering Her Calling as a Massage Therapist 

Micah, a young female massage therapy graduate from MaKami College from the Philippines, stands holding a recent award for her massage therapy business in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Since moving to Canada from the Philippines 7 years ago, Micah Bandillo’s journey of discovery has led her to working in a fulfilling career as a massage therapist. 

After dabbling in everything from being a bakery clerk to a pharmacy assistant, Micah realized she was tired of working multiple jobs to make ends meet. She knew she wanted to achieve more, and her friends often commented on the massages she gave them and suggested she study massage therapy. 

“It was like a hobby,” she says. “Sometimes I just grabbed their hands and was like, ‘I think I can help you with your pain.’” 

Micah decided to look into massage therapy as a career. “I compared massage therapy programs and MaKami caught my eye.”  

She enrolled in the school’s massage therapy program, but during her time at MaKami she struggled with school and battled low self-confidence. 

“I was so scared,” she admits. “I almost gave up, especially when I’d get a low grade. I felt so insecure and jealous with my classmates getting higher grades than me.” 

But Micah’s instructors and the Student Advisory Services (SAS) department encouraged her to keep going.  

“They always reminded me that while marks were important to know that I was knowledgeable in the courses, what was really important was what I could apply in the real world after graduation, she says. 

Micah loved the challenge of learning how to massage pregnant women, which also gave her confidence. “They’re so sensitive, especially if the client has complications.”  

While she enjoyed many aspects of her time at MaKami, one of her favourite times was the outreach program, where massage therapy students give seated massages at different events to gain practical experience.  

“That’s where I started to like being me, when I got to just do the work and give my best.” 

Since Micah graduated, she started her own business called TheraPinay Massage in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Her business has already expanded and she’s training an apprentice who is finishing her massage therapy practicum.  

“I can now see I’m capable of reaching my dreams, my goals and my achievements within just a short span of time,” says Micah, who is currently massaging between 40-45 clients a week and received an award for the best massage therapy business in Medicine Hat.  

“I love helping my clients,” she says. “It ignites the passion inside me. It’s like this tiny body of mine is hiding a mighty strength that helps my clients with their pain, aches and stresses. I have clients who tell me they come for a massage because they just want someone to talk to, someone to listen.” 

Micah’s career has also given her the ability to help her family. “Since I started massage therapy, it has changed my life, it truly has become a turning point,” she says. Micah’s mom is now in Canada, but she would like her dad and her sister to join them, since being away from them has been challenging. 

“I’m the eldest and the breadwinner,” she says. “They’re the main reason why I’m here in Canada. They’re my main inspiration, why I keep doing this.” 

Micah is grateful to MaKami for helping her reach her goals and appreciates how the college brings out the best in students.  

“MaKami always inspires and motivates each student to push their limits, to become the better version of themselves. I will always say I am a proud alumni of MaKami College.”  

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