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MaKami College Welcomes Students Needing Extra Support


At MaKami College, we welcome students from all walks of life, regardless of age, ability or disability, financial status, or nationality. We know that every one of our students is unique, that each individual has different qualities and abilities, as well as their own set of challenges. Inclusion and opportunity are important to us at MaKami College and we’re proud to support our students on their journey to success.

We don’t apply one standard educational model across all our students, but instead provide flexible, individualized support for students with disabilities or special needs throughout their program. At MaKami College, we encourage all current and prospective students to have a conversation with our Student Advisory Services about what kind of support would better help them reach their education goals. 

Whether it’s helping those with learning disabilities, international students who are learning in their second (or third!) language, or individuals needing financial assistance – we aim to support and champion each of our students. Every student has their own story and personal challenges but we know they all have the potential to fulfill their ambitions.

Support for Students with Disabilities

At MaKami College we strive to ensure students of all abilities are able to complete their programs. Whether a student suffers from learning or cognitive disabilities, hearing or visual impairment, anxiety, depression, ADHD or any other physical or learning difficulty, MaKami College is determined to create an inclusive space where these differences are not a full-stop barrier to achievement, as often seen in traditional post-secondary education environments.

Academic Support

We strive to create a positive learning environment for everyone, including creating inclusive classrooms for students with disabilities, and academic support for those who need a little extra help. Our Student Advisory Services (SAS) are equipped with a wealth of information to guide students in the right direction. The SAS team provides tools and strategies to succeed, whether it’s managing academic issues, psychological issues, personal care issues including discussions from childcare to housing, or whether extra tutoring or one-on-one guidance would be beneficial. MaKami College is proud to help students remove barriers to their education and create a supportive environment for all. 

Student Financial Support

Another way we support our students is by helping them access funding. There are various bodies that provide financial assistance, and MaKami College’s Student Advisors guide students to the best places to apply for grants, bursaries, loans or other funding. Students with disabilities may be eligible for additional financial support. Contact our SAS team for more financial support information. 

Support for ESL students

For many international students, some of whom are newly arrived in Canada, it’s navigating a new language and culture that they most need support with. MaKami College therefore offers students free access to English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. We also have quite an international faculty and student body, so students from overseas will often be able to find staff members and classmates who speak another language, further helping everyone at Makami College feel part of our larger community.

Student Success Stories

Students of all abilities and circumstances have the potential to succeed at MaKami College, and we invite you to have a discussion about overcoming the various barriers that may have previously prevented you from exploring a new education or career option. Many of our students have gone on to do amazing things and have found fulfilling careers in their chosen field. We encourage you to read through our Student Success Stories and be inspired to find yourself starting a new chapter in your life with MaKami College. 

Find out more information about our Edmonton or Calgary campuses or find out if you can be pre-approved for one of our programs today!

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