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Navigating Your Academic Journey: Support Services at MaKami College

MaKami student support services team member with students

At MaKami College, we are dedicated to guiding our students toward academic success. Our extensive range of student support services is designed to meet the unique needs of each student, and give the support needed for each student to succeed in their program. 

Supporting Academic Excellence

Learning Strategies & Tutoring

Each student’s academic journey is unique. Education support services, including access to a learning strategist and tutoring, are designed to provide personalized assistance to overcome challenges so you can excel in your coursework. Your learning strategist can help you create a customized study plan that works for you, and Both one-on-one and group tutoring sessions are available online and on campus in Calgary and Edmonton.

ESL Support

Our students come from a wide range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds and most can speak many different languages fluently! For students who speak English as a second language, we offer ESL tutoring sessions and ESL courses that are structured to improve communication skills, ensuring language barriers do not limit academic progress. To learn more visit our ESL page.

Mental Health & Wellness

Mental Health Counselling

MaKami College offers on-site counselling services to support the mental well-being of our students and their families. Professional counsellors and psychologists are here to provide the support you may need throughout your academic journey.

Suicide prevention services are available for all students in a safe, supporting and non-judgemental environment. You are not alone.  

Stress Management

Balancing academics, personal, professional, financial and family commitments can often be stressful. MaKami College offers stress management assistance and guidance to help you effectively manage all life throws your way. 

Disability Support Services

At MaKami, we are committed to inclusivity and accessibility, offering a broad spectrum of student support services for students of all abilities. This includes financial assistance for accommodations, special equipment, and academic assistance through sessions with a learning strategist and one-on-one tutoring. If you need support, please reach out to learn more about the options available to you. 

Financial Support

To ease the financial challenges of pursuing higher education, MaKami College collaborates with government funding sources to provide students with the necessary financial support. We not only assist with tuition support but also offer additional student support services, such as connecting students with housing and childcare resources. Explore our Student Advisory Services page for more information on available resources.

Support Teams

Student Advisory Services (SAS)

The SAS team is focused on ensuring you are able to commit to your studies so you can succeed. Student Advisory Services (SAS) consists of experts knowledgeable about all available resources, from the application process to financial assistance and post-graduation support. They provide a wide range of services, including housing assistance, childcare resources and employment opportunities. Our SAS team aims to bridge the gap between students’ needs and the help that is available to them.

Strategic Academic Learning Team (SALT)

Our SALT team is focused on academic learning including academic support, tutoring, strategic learning plans, ESL support, and mental health. SALT connects students with other MaKami teams to provide comprehensive academic support services across various aspects of their academic journey.

Student Tech Support

Technical issues should never hinder your education. Our Tech Support team can help with your technical problems so you can focus on your studies. We have dedicated teams in both Edmonton and Calgary that are available to assist students, on campus and remotely.

We believe in putting students at the centre of our educational approach and ensuring they have everything they need to succeed. Our wide range of academic support services, academic tutoring, mental health counselling, and technical assistance, are important so every student can achieve their educational goals.If you’re curious to learn more about our student support services, please take a look at our student success stories for real-life stories from students who have achieved their academic goals with MaKami College.

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