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Lena – Making her Massage Therapy Dreams Come True

Lena, a licensed massage therapist in Calgary, alberta, stands in front of her barn style door leading to her massage therapy room in the basement of her home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Originally from Lithuania, Lena and her family moved to Ireland for a few years before moving to Canada.

“My husband was a truck driver and we decided to request a transfer to Saskatchewan to see if we would like it,” says Lena. “A lot of my younger years were spent raising my children, but I always dreamed of doing massage therapy. Growing up, if my friends or family had issues with their body, I would always try to help, even though I didn’t really know what I was doing.”

In fact, Lena even worked in spas in Ireland and Saskatchewan before deciding to get the academic training.

“My friends would always say I needed to go to school to get trained in massage therapy but I was reluctant because I thought I was too old to go back to school,” Lena admits. But ultimately she realized it was the best decision and gave it a try when she moved to Calgary.

“Unfortunately, when I came to Canada my son passed away,” Lena shares. “But when I started studying at MaKami College, I forgot about my problems because studying made me busy, and I didn’t really have time to worry.” She says she feels her time at the private vocational college was a blessing, as it helped her stay positive.

“I loved MaKami,” says Lena. “I especially liked the practical classes, and how the instructors taught you all the details about the body and how things worked. I found all the classes very interesting.” She says the teachers at MaKami made all the difference to her. “The teachers were all really helpful. They explained everything that you need to learn, it was really a great experience.”

After graduating, Lena worked in a mobile massage therapy spa before deciding to open her own business, Lena’s Spa, where she offers massage therapy treatments, infrared therapy and a steam room.

She says her life changed drastically after graduating from MaKami. At the age of 50, she says she’s very happy with where she is in life. “I love helping my clients, they’re happy and I’m happy – I am very fulfilled and every day I am thankful for being able to be so happy and blessed.”

For anyone thinking of going back to school to pursue their dreams, Lena says anything is possible.

“I really recommend MaKami because the teachers are excellent, you learn a lot. People can be happy at 50, it’s not just time for you to necessarily sit and wait to retire – you can create your future at any age.”

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