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How to Find your People in your First Week of College

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When you’re starting a new course with MaKami College, you’ll have lots of questions about the practical side of college life. This includes getting to campus, what you’ll need to bring with you, what the course consists of and what you’ll get out of it. But don’t forget the fun and social side of college life! Our blog is here to guide you through how to make the most of your experience at MaKami College

Don’t miss orientation

On your first scheduled day of classes you will have a full day, in-person orientation at the college. Most of MaKami’s classes include the orientation, where you will learn the various aspects of life at the college. You’ll get to meet your teachers, your academic support team, learn about resources available to you and more.

But the biggest reason we hold these orientations in-person is to help you get to know your fellow students! Your peers will be going through the program with you, and whether online, in-person or in an blended format, they will likely share some of your struggles throughout your educational journey. Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to start building your crucial support system which will help you succeed! 

Having fun is an important part of college life

Making sure that you have a friend or a group of friends to debrief with, socialize with and learn from will enhance your college experience. You’ll learn quicker and will benefit from sharing the different perspectives your classmates bring.

The studies you’ll be undertaking will be a challenge and expand your skill set, and having people who are in the thick-of-it with you will help all of you thrive. Your friends and family outside of school might not fully understand what you’re doing in College, or might not understand the intricacies of your course, so making friends in your classes will give you an opportunity to share and expand your journey. 

“My experience at MaKami was great, I had a fantastic time,” says former student Taylor. “I met great people, and the instructors are fabulous. They went above my expectations of what I would come out of school knowing.” Read more about Taylor’s experience and how she’s now got her own massage therapy business. 

Find more ways that you can be in community at MaKami College!  

Join the Student Social Committee

The student social committee of MaKami College offers regular student social events. Plus they’re always looking for volunteers if you’d like to get involved with organizing events. Think of this as a great way of meeting new people and adding to your valuable experience to your resume. Contact us for more info.

Is English not your first language? Find new friends with our English Conversation Club

There’s a club held every day, Monday through Friday, at the Calgary NE Campus Student lounge, and on a request basis in our Edmonton campus. Any student from any program is welcome to join and practice their English conversation skills and build confidence. This is perfect for students who don’t have English as their first language and it’s an informal and relaxed setting. 

You’ll meet new people who are in the same situation as you, who are keen to practice their English, you’ll make some new friends while you’re there! You’ll pick up some Canadian slang too, so you’ll understand what someone means when they tell you to grab them a pop or a toque!

Contact us for more info.

Massage Therapy Clinic Conversation Club

There’s also a specific club for massage therapy students to practice their massage-related English conversation skills, such as anatomy and clinic terminology. Join online every second Wednesday. Contact us for more info and to RSVP.

Any other community options? 

Like everywhere, college life at MaKami College is what you make of it. If you’re wanting to meet people in new ways, we’re happy to hear any suggestions for forming a study group or social gathering with your fellow students! Read about other MaKami Success Stories and be inspired to plug into our campus community.

MaKami College also has a Student Success Centre and the Strategic Academic Learning Team (SALT) who are here to assist students who might need some extra help. 

Are you curious as to what student life at Makami College could look like for you? Find out more information about our Edmonton or Calgary campuses, and find out if you can be pre-approved for one of our programs today!

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