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How MaKami Supports Student Success

A female tutor with dark hair tied back and wearing a black mask sits across from a blond haired female student at a desk as they both review a text book

There is a lot to consider when you decide to go back to school as a post-secondary student. Some common concerns can be:

  • How will I pay for school?
  • How will I fit school into my busy schedule?
  • How will I pay my bills while I’m at school?
  • How will I manage childcare?
  • Will I be able to learn the course materials and pass the tests?

These are all very common obstacles that can prevent some students from enrolling and starting the future they’ve always dreamed of. That’s something MaKami wants to change.

“At MaKami we have passion to help students succeed,” says the school’s CEO Marija Pavkovic-Tovissi. “We’re here to support people – we want to provide them with every opportunity to be successful.”

To meet that goal, MaKami created the Student Success Centre (SSC) – a home base in all school campuses dedicated solely to helping meet student needs so they can succeed. Comprised of Student Advisors, learning strategists, tutors, ESL instructors, counsellors and more, the Student Success Centre is where students can get any help they need to succeed in their studies and their career.

In fact, from the moment you walk through the door at MaKami, you have a team of people to help you. Below is a list of all the resources available through the Student Success Centre. For more information, contact us to take a tour where you can see the space in person.

Student Advisory Services (SAS)

The Student Advisory Services (SAS) team are generally your first point of contact at MaKami. Made up of a team of Student Advisors, their role is to take you on a tour of the college, make sure you have the information you need regarding programs and support services, and help you enroll and apply for financing.

But SAS’s role continues throughout your time with the college – and beyond.

“We want to make sure the students who walk through these doors are getting what they need to be successful,” says Shannon Snider, SAS Director.  “Whether that’s help with funding, housing, childcare, tutoring, counselling or even help finding a job after graduating, that is why the SAS team is here.” See a full list of SAS services.

Strategic Academic Learning Team (SALT)

The Strategic Academic Learning Team is focused solely on ensuring student’s academic success. All services are FREE and available in an unlimited amount to each student. This includes:

  • Tutoring: One-on-one tutoring is available FREE to every student who needs extra help or help catching up. This can be done online or in-person – simply book a time and get help any time you need it!
  • Learning Strategist: Located in each campus, students have access to a Learning Strategist who can help identify your unique learning style and what works for you. Whether that’s help memorizing terminology, overcoming learning disabilities or any other obstacle, learning strategists will help set you  up for success in your academic studies.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Services: MaKami aims to offer people of all backgrounds and languages the opportunity for an education. While some programs may require more English language proficiency than others, ESL instructors are available in multiple languages to help ensure language is not a barrier in building the future you imagine. In addition, MaKami offers many its programs on the latest iPad, which includes translation options so you can translate terms as needed to help you learn in your language while learning English. 
  • Counselling: Students are humans – they are complicated beings who need help in various ways. MaKami believes in a holistic approach to education and that a happy, well-rounded student has the best chance of succeeding. That’s why we provide FREE counselling to all our students, where they can get private help managing academic issues, psychological issues, personal self-care issues and more, to further eliminate barriers and create a positive, supportive environment where you can thrive!

Fun Fact: Did you know 80% of students use student services at some time during their time with us?  

Ready to learn more about MaKami College? Contact us or see if you are Pre-Approved for one of our programs today!

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