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Study Tip: Organize a Study Group with Friends


Studying doesn’t have to be something that is hard, boring or something you dread. Get together with some classmates and friends for a study session and you’d be amazed at how much you can learn while you’re having fun.

The key to a good study session is to set yourself up for the best possible results to learn the most information and put your time to good use. Here are a few guide lines you will want to follow to maximize your time and energy:

  • Set a limit to the number of people – getting a large group together can easily turn into a social gathering rather than focusing on studying. Keep the number of people in your study group down to 5 or less to ensure you are able to focus on the content instead of keeping the group focused on the task at hand.
  • Choose a good spot to meet – the best place to study with friends would be a spot that’s free of distraction, is quiet and tidy, and big enough that everyone can sit comfortably and spread out their study materials. If none of the members have a space in their homes that would work, you may want to try finding a quiet spot on campus, or booking a room at your local library. Many local libraries have board rooms or study rooms that you can easily reserve or use if they are empty.
  • Set a study agenda – setting an agenda of what you need or want to accomplish before the study session will help your group with time management and prioritizing what everyone needs to work on the most. It is important to include things that everyone in the group needs to work on, even if those topics are not the same for everyone. This way, those that are more familiar or comfortable with certain topics will be able to help those that need a bit more help, and this will change for each topic. By doing this, each member of the group will both contribute and benefit from the study session.

Want to know more about your specific study challenge? Current MaKami students can see a learning strategist on campus and get a one-on-one study skills evaluation, learning plan and other supports to help them succeed. Contact our Strategic Academic Learning Team today in Calgary or Edmonton.

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