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Trina – Healing Through Massage

Trina led a very academic-focused life, getting graduate degrees and training in Geography and Environmental Engineering at the University of Philippines and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. But just as she was graduating, Trina was diagnosed with a benign ovarian cyst.

“I realized then that if I could clean up and look after myself better, then I could have a better impact and contribution to the world,” says Trina. “What makes a healthy planet are healthy people and communities.”

After moving to Calgary, Alberta, Trina was asked to participate in a photoshoot for MaKami College. “At that time I had not even heard of MaKami,” she says. When she came in to model that day, Trina found out more about MaKami’s 3000-Hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Program. She was impressed by the program itself, as it aligned well with her vision for what she wanted to do.

“I could see that day that the school had a kind and supportive community,” Trina says. “I saw how MaKami empowered its students and I felt a real sense of care and generosity.” Those qualities led Trina to enroll in the program.

While she was studying at MaKami College, she decided to open her own spa, offering environmentally-friendly, water-based massage therapy. “It came from my desire to be around water in a caring, safe and supportive space,” Trina says. “Water is a very strong connective element. It brings people together, allows you to relax, take a deep breath and soar.”

Trina’s vision came to life and she opened up her own water-based spa, the only private therapy pool facility in Calgary. She was able to create this space in the back of her home, so work is always just a few steps away. Trina’s space runs on renewable energy and her dream to build a sustainable retreat with water treatments and water therapy came true. The space feels like a beautiful oasis and it is a fantastic experience for Trina and her clients.

“The water makes it easier for clients as their muscles immediately relax, and it helps me too as I can more comfortably adjust my body mechanics in the water during treatments.” Trina’s spa has been very successful for her as she has plans to expand to a bigger facility with additional massage therapists.

“I love what I do,” says Trina. “Massage therapy is an invaluable gift to give and to receive. Becoming a trained massage therapist and an entrepreneur brings another level of responsibility, challenges, joy and fulfillment to my massage therapy practice.”

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