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Pamela – Financial Freedom with Massage

Pamela Student Story

Pamela was a single mom from Paraguay working as a house painter when an incident at her son’s school caused her to reconsider her future.

“After a long day of work, I noticed another mom at the school who was dressed up in a clean and beautiful outfit,” says Pamela, “I was covered in paint, and I started thinking about how my son would react if he saw me picking him up from school looking clean and well put together like the other mom.” It was in that very moment Pamela decided to change her life.

Pamela stumbled upon massage therapy online and began researching. “One day, as I was heading in for a tour of another college, I made a last-minute decision in my vehicle and looked up MaKami College,” says Pamela. “After seeing all the things MaKami offered, such as its 3000-hour course, I immediately left the parking lot to go and enroll with MaKami instead.”

Pam faced a few struggles in her education, which almost led her to quit MaKami altogether. But with a little encouragement from her family, the free tutoring at the college and help from her advisors, she was able to pull through.

“The best part of massage therapy is that my hands are my tools and I could take those tools anywhere in the world,” she says. “If I wanted to travel, I could always bring my work with me.”

Pamela found it easy to find jobs while in and out of school. Her professionalism and optimistic personality helped her find a job, although she swears that the secret is always in a good handshake. After graduating, Pamela worked with a few clinics and ultimately decided to open up her own home-based massage therapy business.

“Finally, I was able to improve her lifestyle,” she says. “I saw a vast improvement in my income with this new career and I no longer lived in low-income housing.” With her new life, Pamela was able to travel back home to Paraguay a few times and is now getting ready to buy her own property!

Recently, Pamela has taken a 14-week business course and has continually been improving her marketing and advertising skills for her business. Her future plans include opening a bigger scale clinic and training and mentoring other massage therapists on the business side of massage therapy. Her passion and skills in massage therapy will keep her in the field for a long time as she continues to pursue and reach her goals. Great job, Pam!

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