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How to Choose the Right Business Admin Program for You

MaKami College business administrative assistant student answering a phone at a desk in an office setting

If you’re considering enrolling in a business administration program, now is the right time!

Business administrators, also known as administrative assistants, work in a wide variety of industries and they do a wide variety of tasks. From working in reception or customer service positions, to being a personal assistant or even going out on your own as a virtual assistant, there are many options for employment out there – especially if your training is excellent!

There are many Business Administration programs out there to choose from. Some are called Business Administration, others are called Administrative Assistant or Office Administrator programs – but in Alberta, they’re mostly diploma programs, ranging from 14 weeks to two years to complete.

So how do you know which program is right for you?

Below are a few things to look for when choosing a business administration program in Alberta. If you have questions about MaKami’s Business Administration program please contact us.

Do your Research

The best thing to do when choosing which school to go to is to take your time and read through the school’s curriculum. There are a lot of post-secondary schools that offer business admin programs, and some even offer multiple versions of the program. They also vary greatly in content. For example, some office admin programs may place more of an emphasis on finance or bookkeeping, while others may focus more on marketing. It’s a great idea to keep in mind what you’re looking to get out of your program and where you’d like to be employed in the long run, and then work backwards from there.

Watch for Extra Costs

Be sure to take a close look at each school’s costs and watch out for extra, unnecessary costs. Some schools may charge extra to help pay for access to recreational activities you do not want to participate in. Others may charge for textbooks or make you buy your own laptop, with charges to add the curriculum. Decide what your ideal budget is when reviewing programs – this can also help limit your school research time.

MaKami provides each of our Business Administration students with a brand new laptop with all the pre-loaded course materials you need.

It’s the Quality, not Quantity that Counts

Business Admin programs can also vary widely in the length of program and the quality of the courses and curriculums. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case that the longer programs are better (although they may be more expensive!). Look for a program that fits the timeline that you want to start working, and then you can focus your research efforts on the schools you are actually considering. MaKami’s business admin courses are all about 20 hours each. These short courses were created with our students in mind – we know they are working, busy with families and just life in general, so we ensure the program includes a work life balance to help students succeed.

Not all post-secondary schools stay up-to-date with the current workplace needs either. Many are out of date and theory-based, lacking skills to get you employed right away or hitting the ground running. In particular, look for programs that offer digital marketing, event management and career preparation.

MaKami’s Business Administrative Assistant Diploma is unique – its curriculum is designed to give you the hands-on, practical skills you need to succeed in any office environment.

Flexible Online Programming with Support

If you’re looking to take an online business administration program, check that the program offers flexibility for you to work on the program when you can, with limited group activities. While group activities may be somewhat beneficial, they can limit your study time flexibility. There are other, more effective ways to learn materials while fitting with your busy schedule.

It can also be easier to fall behind in online programs in general, so it can be helpful to enroll in an online program that offers you regular contact with your instructor or tutor. For example, MaKami’s business admin program sets bi-weekly Q & A sessions with the instructor and your class, as well as unlimited ongoing support from your instructor, tutors, learning strategists and even counsellors if needed. This helps students stay on track by being accountable to communicate with other students or teachers throughout their program.

Is there a Practicum?

Not all business admin programs offer practicum or work experience in their curriculum. These types of placements are crucial to giving you the real life skills you need to succeed in your field. For example, MaKami helps our students find practicum placements. Our placements are 160 hours, designed to be four weeks full-time or eight weeks part-time so you can work it into your schedule.

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in learning more about MaKami’s Business Administration program, the best next step is to fill out our Pre-Approval Survey to see if you’re eligible. Then chat with one of Student Advisors who can help answer any questions you may have. 





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