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Study Tip: Improve Memory with Note Taking

Are you bringing a laptop or iPad to class to take your notes? Well, experts say ditch the device and bring it back old school with a note pad and pen if you really want to improve your memory.  

Studies show that memory retention is increased when writing notes rather than typing them out, and there are a few reasons why: 

  1. It stimulates the brain much more to physically write out each word. 
  2. Writing takes much longer than typing, and as a result you are keeping that information for a more prolonged period in your mind and constantly working your short-term memory. 
  3. We tend to type notes out verbatim, rather than reframing them in our own words, which is a more active level of engagement in your learning. 
  4. When writing notes out, we tend to wait and then structure them top down (larger ideas to smaller connecting ideas). This structure is essential for memory recall. In contrast, if you are typingverbatim,you are not engaged with the structure of the material in the same way as if you are writing. 

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