MaKami College Named #1 Best College for Massage Therapy in Canada 2023

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Hannah – Transforming her Life with Massage Therapy

Hannah was a dental assistant for eight years in Calgary and Nova Scotia when she decided she needed a change.

“I had a lot of trauma within my career. I am someone that gives, and I just didn’t find that I was fulfilled with how I was able to give within my career as a dental assistant,” she admits. “It really takes a toll on you when you hear constantly that no one likes the dentist, that no one likes going to the dentist. So I was trying to find what aligned with me and how I wanted to live my life and where I wanted to put myself.”

Hannah went for a massage at the end of 2020 and realized it was the path she wanted to take. “It just kind of hit me that this is what I wanted to do.”

She lived in south Calgary for many years where she saw MaKami College often. “So I booked my appointment and walked right into MaKami. I went fora tour and everything just aligned.”

Hannah is now a first-year student at MaKami College and enjoying every moment of it.

“What I love most about MaKami is how committed to the students they are,” Hannah says. “I’ve been to several different colleges in Calgary and MaKami stood out the most to me. This is the one school I’ve ever been to where I felt really, truly supported and as though my success was really their goal.

“I like that they take pride in their students, and from the moment I walked in to the school I believed they had as much conviction for me as I had for myself. I didn’t know what to expect and every single step of the way they were right there by my side. When I mentioned to them I had challenges, they said ‘challenge accepted.’ Every hurdle that came up they went above and beyond to show me that I was here for a reason, and I really, truly believe this was exactly what I needed to do.”

Hannah adds MaKami has helped build confidence in herself. “Having the school have that confidence in me, has given me that confidence in myself.”

After graduation, her goal is to start a business doing mobile massage. “What I’m looking forward to the most is using this avenue in such a powerful way to be independent and be my own boss,” says Hannah. “Finally I’m going to have the tools to take me where I want to go in my life and I’m not going to have to rely on anyone else.

“I’m so excited for my life and future now. I no longer wake up anxious and dreading going back to work. I no longer have to relive a traumatic career day in and day out.  I have retired from dental assisting and now spend my days focusing on my education and my happiness. I am taking my time with my new business and my new life path and really enjoying the process. The future is so bright now and I can’t wait to use this light to heal others.”

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