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Sandra – Finding Flexibility and Financial Freedom Through Massage Therapy

Sandra Moreno was a busy mom working as a medical esthetician and in construction trying to earn an income when she finally decided to get serious about changing careers.

“I had actually gone to college to become a medical esthetician and worked in that industry, but it was very competitive and I didn’t make very much money, so I was doing some part-time work in construction as well,” says Sandra, who had seen MaKami College at events where she had received massage therapy treatments in the past.

“I was interested in MaKami and their massage therapy program for a long time. I always really liked the flexibility of the career, and the financial freedom that came along with it – but I had thought it would be too difficult to get in.”

It wasn’t until Sandra had a work injury that she decided to give MaKami a try. “I was kind of desperate,” she admits. “But I’m so thankful I decided to reach out, because it only took me two days to enroll.”

For Sandra, it was the extra support that made her decide to go with MaKami. “I was able to get extra tutoring and support that wouldn’t have been possible at other colleges. I was pregnant during my second year and everyone at the school was very supportive and they worked with me to help me succeed. They also had a ton of practical hours and a clinic where you get to practice your skills on real people.”

After graduating, Sandra opened her own spa, Face and Body Wellness Centre out of the basement of her home in 2020. The spa offers a number of services, such as massage, facials and body contouring.

“I had actually registered the company at the same time I enrolled at MaKami, so I knew it was what I wanted to do,” she says.

But Sandra admits it was difficult getting her spa going in the beginning. “When I opened I only had one client a week, then I got two and now I’m up to five or six clients a day. I’ve also been able to work less hours but make more money, and have the flexibility to go camping or just take time off – I really enjoy the flexibility this careers has offered me.”

As Sandra’s spa gets busier, she is looking to hire more MaKami students and grads and potentially expand to a commercial space.

“I know MaKami grads really know their material – it’s great because I can learn from them and they can learn from me.”

Sandra has some words of wisdom for anyone considering making a career change. “The hardest part is to make the decision – after that everything just falls into place. With your MaKami diploma as a massage therapist you can work anywhere and have a good job with a good income, or you can start your own business. I would definitely recommend you give it a try.”

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