Makami College grad now a successful spa owner

Kerstin Pelletier is a Makami College alumni member!

, Pelletier graduated from MaKami College’s massage therapy program and decided to open her own spa.

, “I got a lot of confidence from learning at MaKami College and when I left I knew I had the tools to go out and be who I was and do a good job for my clients,” says Pelletier, who says she enjoys the feeling she gets from helping others.

, “I see people come in not feeling well, and they often leave and they say they feel like they have a dance in my step, and that’s a really good feeling to be able to do that for people.”

, To learn more about Kerstin’s spa see her video testimonial at

, www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmk6I_c3hpg