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Julian – An Entrepreneur’s Journey to Massage Therapy

Julian Student Story

Prior to MaKami College, Julian spent most of his life between Jamaica and Canada. “I had an office job but ultimately I wanted to be my own boss and have a business,” he says. Being a man with an entrepreneur mindset, Julian decided to follow his intuition and opened a few companies for himself.

Julian became interested in massage therapy when his partner started experiencing back pain. This sparked his interest in the massage therapy field and his passion for helping people. “I wanted to learn how the body worked and how to heal that pain in a non-traditional way,” Julian says. “I wanted to learn about treatments (Cialis) where no medication was required, as I live a very holistic and wellness-focused lifestyle.” As a result, Julian enrolled at MaKami College for the 3000-Hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Program, adding yet another venture and experience to his life.

Julian quickly showed promise in the field. Despite going through a few personal hardships, Julian decided he wasn’t going to quit. “I was determined to finish my education,” he says.

Julian pressed on and graduated the program – he even won an award for his outstanding academic achievement during the first year of the program.

“Being a person who is focused on health and wellness, practicing massage therapy was perfect for me,” says Julian. “I take pride and satisfaction in making a difference and improving my clients’ lives.”

Currently, Julian has his own massage therapy business, both mobile and from home, where he is able to make a great income and keep building his clientele. He also works as a Clinical Massage Therapist for Rejuvenation Health Services. In the future, Julian plans on continuing his current work as well as opening up a clinic of his own, focusing on overall wellness. But his plans do not stop there. His goal is to open clinics not just all over Canada, but internationally as well!

Great job Julian, we cannot wait to see where the future takes you!