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What are Health Care Aide Training Requirements?

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Reasons to Become a Certified Health Care Aide

For people who wish to get into the health care field, but do not have the time to dedicate to become a nurse, getting certified as a health care aide is a great option. Many people are excited to begin their career as a certified health care aide, but most aren’t sure where to begin their education and training.

Health Care Certification

Certified health care aides in Alberta need to complete the Government of Alberta Health Care Aide Provincial Curriculum in order to work in most health care settings. When you take this training you can expect to receive the following modules:

  • Client safety
  • Assisting with medical delivery
  • Positioning lifts and transfers
  • Working with clients with a diagnosis of dementia

MaKami College is one of only 19 private institutions to provide the Alberta Health Care Provincial Curriculum training and is available for tours starting today! Click here to book your tour.

If you want to work in health care, most regions will require you do have completed regulated training and to have passed a certificate exam. If you want to become a Certified Health Care Aide you’ll require additional training. Your health aide program training will help you get the experience and training you’ll need to pass your exams and start working as a health aide within about 24 months.

Beyond the Classroom

As a health care aide, you may have to work with many different people from a variety of ages and backgrounds, including various needs and medical concerns. The requirements of a Health Care Aide that go beyond the classroom are patience, empathy, and healthy work-life boundaries.

When you work in a job that can be physically taxing and emotionally draining, you must carry these skills with you. Patience will help you to get through the long day with a client whose needs are near constant. Empathy urges you to see the world through your patient’s eyes, if only for a moment. And the final requirement for successful health care aides: letting yourself have a life outside of your work. With all of these skills, you can expect a long and happy career as a health care aide. Without them, it may be impossible to stay in this field very long.

Learn the requirements you need to pass your certification exam and the requirements you need to maintain a happy, healthy career as a health care aide.

Get started in your career as a health care aide today at MaKami College. Click here to book your tour now!

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