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Ana – A Positive Future Through Massage Therapy

Ana Cuplan came to Canada with a young family and worked hard to make a living. “I was working in a low paying job, and I really wanted to get some sort of an education, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do.”

Ana’s friend had an accounting firm, and recommended Ana take an accounting program to help her earn more of an income. “I gave that a try because I knew I needed an education, but I didn’t like it and became frustrated, so I stopped.” The college where Ana was taking accounting offered her to transfer to their massage therapy program, but she declined at the time. “It was an eight-month program and I didn’t really like their curriculum so I decided to just keep looking.”

One day Ana dropped a friend off at MaKami College and while she was waiting, she decided to check out their massage therapy program. “I fell in love with the program right away because of all the hours you get and the program itself,” she says. “You learn little about everything – psychology, fitness, nutrition, how the body works and how muscles are important. I was very excited and booked a tour right away.”

She loved the support she received from the moment she walked in.

“I had applied to other colleges but I failed twice because of my entrance exam,” Ana admits. “Some colleges don’t realize for immigrants that moment where we are doing our entrance exam can be the one that either builds our confidence or destroys it. But we get nervous and we fail, and for some of us, we just give up after that.”

But Ana found the support available from everyone at the school gave her the confidence she needed to not just pass the entrance exam, but to succeed in the program overall.

“MaKami focuses on helping immigrants a lot. They understand we don’t speak English perfectly and they help us with that. And if we are behind in something or we need extra help they have a team for that. This college makes you welcome, and gives you confidence.”

Ana graduated from the program in June 2019, and has been working at HC Massage & Acupuncture for the past three years. “I started here when I was doing my practicum, and they asked me to stay. I love working here and I learn a lot.”

In 2020 Ana also started her own mobile business. “I really like working as a massage therapist, I love helping people and educating them on how important massage therapy is for your overall health.”

She says she also the flexibility and financial freedom her massage therapy career has provided her. “I didn’t know I was going to be a massage therapist, but I tried it and today I really love it and I’m so glad I did it,” she says. “I loved what I learned at MaKami, I have so much free time but I can still make money, I have a flexible schedule. It’s amazing and I’m so happy with the decision I made.”

Ana recommends MaKami to anyone looking to make a career change.

“MaKami is truly full of opportunities, The school works with you, they have amazing teachers and it’s like family there. You don’t feel stressed, everyone helps each other. For immigrants who maybe are nervous or not confident, this college understands people and helps them succeed.”

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