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Our New Medical Office Assistant Certificate

Student of MaKami College's medical office assistant diploma smiling with students in the background undertaking practical skills.

Our Medical Office Assistant Certificate starts in September 2022 with intakes every 2 months. For students considering this career path, we want to provide you with all the information you’ll need to be confident in your decision.

What is a Medical Office Assistant? 

Also known as medical office receptionists or administrators, a medical office assistant is a vital part of the healthcare system. The day-to-day tasks of this job include greeting patients, updating medical records, booking appointments and transcribing medical documents. A medical office assistant is commonly found in doctor offices, clinics and hospitals, but the role can be useful in a wider range of settings like elderly care facilities, dentist offices and hospices. 

What could I earn as a Medical Office Assistant? 

The average hourly salary of a medical office assistant in Alberta ranges from $18 – $30.  As healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in Canada, you can look forward to a wide range of employment opportunities after just 10 months at MaKami College!

What kind of person is suited to being a Medical Office Assistant? 

If you love working with and helping people, and have excellent communication skills, then this could be a great career path for you. 

Being a medical office assistant involves a lot of face-to-face contact with patients, and you’ll be working as part of a team. You’ll want to have a proactive and positive approach. 

The role is also administration-focused, so you’ll want to be an organized and efficient person. 

The medical office assistant diploma at MaKami College will allow you to practice and refine these skills to make you job-ready at the end of the 10 month course.

How do I become a Medical Office Assistant? 

Learning to become a medical office assistant can be achieved in only 10 months with MaKami’s certificate program, and new enrollments start soon. This program has both online and on-campus components to best suit your learning needs and prepare you for success upon graduating.

Undertaking a course specific to this role means you’ll be job-ready at completion. For example, our program gives you practical skills from day 1, where you’ll be “hired” as a medical receptionist in a mock company. This means you’ll be learning what it’s like to professionally interact with patients and co-workers on tasks and assignments straight away. At MaKami College, you’ll be provided with a valuable immersive learning experience.  

You’ll be learning basic administrative functions, and you’ll move on to healthcare-specific skills like terminology, medical software and more.  Are you interested in learning more about the diploma program? Read the medical office assistant program curriculum 

Why should I study at MaKami College? 

MaKami College offers the Medical Office Assistant program at our Edmonton and Calgary NE campuses. This diploma is also a blended program, meaning that much of the course work is online, allowing students like you to better manage your student-life responsibilities. 

Our courses are highly practical and from day one, you’ll be “hired” as a medical receptionist in a mock company. This means when you start working in a real-life role, you’ll feel confident in your abilities that you’ve practiced over the course of the diploma program. You’ll gain the necessary skills needed to manage the flow of electronic and paper-based information in a medical office setting, while also practicing the exact Medical Office Assistant training that Calgary employers want to hire.  

All students are provided with a laptop so you’re ready to learn straight away. The laptop comes loaded with all the course materials you’ll need, including current industry trends, and exposure to real-world scenarios. so there’s no need to pay those extra book fees or have a laptop before enrolling.

Want to get started? Take our pre-approval survey to get started on the Medical Office Assistant program today! 

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