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Meet Barinder, MaKami College’s Student Development Manager in Edmonton

Hello, my name is Barinder kaur Warraich (Bea), and I am a Student Development Manager at Makami College in Edmonton.

I was born and raised in England, and I was always passionate about helping people in changing lives for the better. I implemented this through being a mentor, an advocate and a voice to represent individuals who had challenges within the community, in voicing their concerns and raising awareness in the lack of provision of services that were not being offered at grassroot level to multi cultural groups. This was due to barriers such as lack of knowing about lack of resources and not having information provided in applicable languages for people to access and learn about.

It was this passion and hearing the concerns of the local community that empowered me to achieve my Bachelor’s and Master’s as a Social Worker and in Community Education. I worked many years for the local Government in the UK, based in schools, community organizations which involved implementing community initiatives that would empower people from all ethnic background in achieving equal opportunities in education, better career choices, family stability, childcare and offering support to victims of domestic violence and abuse.

I worked closely with these individuals in assisting them and empowering them through supporting them in learning about the provision of services offered, that would educate them to access these services at grassroot level to ethnic communities.

As a child born in an Immigrant family, I had to figure out stuff for myself and assist my parents in processes without knowing any provision of services offered, as my parents were immigrants that came from India and settled in United Kingdom. There was so much lack of knowledge and information provided to those who did not speak English as their first language. Over the years those language barriers and challenges were recognized as more advocates worked alongside delegates in ensuring equal opportunities for all.

My family and I moved to Edmonton, Canada in 2012. As a permanent resident and a newcomer across the pond we decided to move here for new challenges and to start a new life. We encountered a lot of challenges along the way in finding a home, raising a family, seeking support and guidance for newcomers, as well as a continuing with a career that I loved back in the UK. As a family we embraced each challenge as an opportunity and to make a place we could call home. We met a lot of people along the way that supported us, and now we call them family!

I was fortunate in that I eventually found a career and an organization that I totally embraced and loved at Makami College who had the same mission and objectives in empowering individuals and their families. I had initially started my role as a Student Advisor at Makami College and since then have been promoted to my new role as a Student Development Manager.

Regardless of my role offering education and opportunities is so close to my heart in empowering, supporting and assisting immigrants, newcomers and people that just need a new challenge, as well as people from all walks of life. Makami College offers so much support, immense diversified resources and encouragement to students to come to school and get a great education that would open many doors of great opportunities. We at Makami College embrace that each and every individual is entitled to education and success!

Though I was born and raised in the UK, I am bilingual and thankful to my father, who invested time into teaching me my mother tongue Punjabi. I am able to speak, read and write Punjabi fluently, which allows me to assist people that may not be fluent in English. It has been so beneficial being fluent in another language, since it has given me the opportunity to help many others facing language barriers to understand how they can improve their lives through getting an education here at MaKami.

We have large communities of East Indian people as well as other diverse communities in Edmonton who are caregivers within their families. It is an expectation in many cultures to live as an extended family and take care of extended family. Many of these community members are not familiar with actually knowing what they are already doing can be a great career as a Health Care Aide.

We also have a lot of East Indian members of the communities who are working from the basement of their homes as estheticians, as hair stylists. They are already entrepreneurs without even having that realization and have learnt about the courses offered at Makami College and how flexible they are in offering a balanced life in work and studying. They have become even more successful in enrolling on our 3000 Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma, and we are the largest school in western Canada. With graduating with a Diploma, they have extended their services as a RMT to their existing clients and are financially and personally reaping huge success.

I am so honored to be part of the Makami College, who cares about real people and real lives in being investors in people. We are growing as a school rapidly, as we have identified the gaps in the education sector that need to be provided. We are in the process of offering more courses such as Business Administrative Diploma, Master Instructor, English 202, ABST, Childcare and Medical office assistant as well as opening new locations throughout Canada.

We charge no fees for admissions and assist students in completing their admission process to applying for funding.

Please feel free to come and join me for a coffee and chat and allow me the opportunity to help you seek a better future and invest in an Education with a brighter future at Makami College!

I can be contacted directly on 780-200-9581 or email me at [email protected]

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