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Day in the Life at MaKami College

Makami College Edmonton

Whether you’re fresh out of high school or launching your third career, it can be daunting trying to choose a school. And of course it is! There’s a lot to consider – reviewing program options, finances, class schedules and even the vibe of the school all come into play (for more info on this see our blog on What to look for in a post-secondary institution).  

While we always recommend taking a tour of the schools you’re interested in, we thought we’d share what a typical day is like in the life of a MaKami student, which may help you know what you can expect if you decide to choose MaKami for your post-secondary education.

We’re writing this blog while in the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic, so some of this information may change as time goes on.

7:45: Campus doors open at all campuses

Our receptionists and security team are the first ones to arrive on campus to unlock the doors, and prepare for the arrival of all students and staff.

Fun Fact: Did you know MaKami employs more than 200 part-time, full-time and casual staff across its three campuses?

Cleaning staff also arrives shortly after opening and prepares to do the first of many rounds of campus cleaning required to maintain health and safety standards onsite. With the arrival of Covid-19, this has meant an increase in cleaning frequency, as well as the use of high-quality disinfectants which are safely used on all surfaces to eliminate bacteria in under a minute!  

Faculty, student services and other support staff also arrive during this time and prepare for class. At MaKami, we have instructors who come to campus to teach students online or in-person. Most of the time, theory classes are taught online and practical classes and lab components are taught in-class.

Student services staff include Student Advisors, learning strategists, tutors, ESL and other staff whose sole purpose here at MaKami is to make sure students succeed. This help can be provided online or in -person, and can mean assisting them in catching up, help with learning challenges, tutoring, ESL, counselling and more. We believe students need a holistic approach to education – a happy, well-rounded student has the best chance of succeeding!

Fun Fact: Did you know 80% of students use student services at some time during their time with us?

8 a.m. Students begin arriving on campus

Depending on the Covid guidelines at the time, daytime students begin arriving on campus for their program classes and other workshops scheduled for the week. Classes at MaKami can last anywhere from an hour to a full day. With multiple classes running at a time, MaKami limits the number of people on campus by rotating classes and workshops so multiple cohorts are not at the school at the same time as much as possible.

At the beginning of every new program class, students will attend an Orientation day, where they will meet the staff, learn the schedule for their program, learn about the services offered to students in the Student Success Centre and more.

While students are in class, cleaners can be found making their way around campus, cleaning everything from the entryways to the washrooms and floors.

12 p.m. Lunch Break

Depending on the class schedule, 12 p.m. is lunch time on campus. With Covid restrictions, MaKami does not currently provide any food or food storage on campus, but there is a lunchroom where students and staff can take a break to nourish their minds for the afternoon!

Afternoon Classes

Classes continue on campus all afternoon, with students back in classrooms, practical rooms or at the Student Success Centre getting any extra help they need whether they’re on campus or studying at home.

4:30 p.m. Closing Time – Kind of

Most daytime classes are over by 4:30 p.m. on campus. While students pack up and head out the door, the activity at MaKami keeps going!

Cleaners go room to room, cleaning doors, desks, floors, washrooms and more.

Evening students begin coming into the school. As MaKami is flexible in its program offerings, with days, evenings and weekend classes available, there are evening classes running most of the year.

Clinic, when it is operating, is also run at the college during the evenings. However currently due to Covid-19, MaKami’s clinic is closed to the public.

9 p.m. Doors Closed

Most evening classes end on campus by 9 p.m. While security and other skeleton staff still remain, the college gets one final clean up before it all starts the next day!

Have more questions about MaKami? Or want to see the campus in person? Contact us to book a tour, or check out our Pre-Approval form to see if you pre-qualify for one of our programs.