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CTV Calgary Visits MaKami’s New NE Campus

MaKami College was thrilled to have none other than CTV Calgary’s Lane Fraser at our campus this morning for a featured Live on Location discussing the opening of the school’s northeast campus in Marlborough Mall. 

The campus is the school’s third location and the second in Calgary. With a total 137,000 sq. ft. the school offers a number of programs, including Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy, Business Administration, Master Instructor and Security, with a number of new programs on the way. 

“This is a huge facility, ” says Fraser. “I think this is really exciting because I think a lot of people post-Covid are in a transition. They lost their jobs or are looking for something new.”

MaKami is ideal for anyone who wants to have an opportunity to change their lives for the better, says Marija Pavkovic, MaKami’s CEO. “We have a very diverse student populations – males, females, newcomers to Canada – anyone looking to change their lives for the better and financially support themselves or their family.”  

MaKami focuses on making a change for the better. “When you support a student to get educated you really change their life for the better, but their spouse, their children are also really impacted in a positive way,” says Pavkovic. “But there’s a lot of barriers to going back to school – there’s financial barriers, there’s time – so we really focus on helping students remove barriers. We have free counselling, free ESL classes, free tutoring all available onsite through our Student Advisory Services department. We want to help support students in a very holistic way to remove those barriers to entry.” 

MaKami will be holding a grand opening celebration on Wednesday, September 1 for the public to attend between 10a.m. to 2 p.m. with a free barbecue, a DJ and prize giveaways. 

Watch the full CTV Calgary interview. 

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