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Is Massage Therapy School Difficult?

If you’re considering a career in massage therapy you’ve probably wondered: is massage therapy school difficult?

Going back to school can bring a lot of different uncertainties. Are the courses hard? Do I have the time? Can I afford it? Let’s answer all those questions and some others that you might not have considered.

How hard are massage therapy classes?

At MaKami College, you don’t just learn the techniques of massage therapy. You also learn anatomy, physiology, and business skills to prepare you for employment and even for running your own business, if that’s the path you choose to pursue. There is a lot to study to complete your registered massage therapy program, but you won’t do it all on your own. Together with your classmates, and with optional help from tutors and teachers, you’ll have all the opportunities you need to succeed.

What if English isn’t my first language?

Alberta is a beautiful province full of beautiful people from around the world. Our diverse student populations at both our Calgary and Edmonton campuses are made up of people who come from all sorts of backgrounds. If English is not your first language, you’re not alone.

We pride ourselves in providing opportunities to students from all backgrounds and offer access to ESL classes as well as provide translated content via our curriculum materials. Your multilingualism should not be a barrier to your studies at MaKami College.

How can I be sure about my future?

One reason you may be worried about the difficulty of massage therapy school is that you’re unsure of what the future looks like. Will you find a job in massage therapy? Can you make a living as a registered massage therapist? The answer is yes! Massage therapy is a fast-growing job market, and the demand for qualified, registered massage therapists has never been higher.

MaKami College registered massage therapy students have practicum experience and are ready to hit the ground running which makes them attractive to employers. MaKami College helps students through job fairs and meet and greets where potential employers come and meet students in person during their program, opening even more doors to a successful career in massage therapy.

As part of the MaKami College community, you’ll have access to more jobs and a network of registered massage therapists for your whole career.

Can I afford massage therapy school?

Financial concerns are some of the biggest questions students have before starting massage therapy school. As you start looking into programs, talk to us about scholarship opportunities and other financial assistance that could be available for you. One benefit to MaKami College over other massage therapy schools is our 3,000-hour advanced two-year program. This program is more comprehensive than most registered massage therapy programs and is shorter than most undergraduate degrees so you can start earning a better income faster. Additionally, you leave MaKami College as a licensed professional who’s ready to enter the workplace. All in all, it ends up being a shorter route to better employment.

Do I have the time for massage therapy school?

If you already have a job or family responsibilities that leave you feeling strapped for time. While only you can decide if you have the capacity to take on coursework, we make it easy to fit your schedule when you’re ready.

Our new blended, online advanced clinical massage therapy program lets you take your theory courses online at your own pace from anywhere. You can read, watch videos, and take quizzes and tests online instead of having to go to the campus for your tests. For your practical work and hands-on training, you’ll still come to the campus to get that important face-to-face training that’s essential to becoming a registered massage therapist.

Give us a call at 1-833-262-5264 to learn more about our flexible, blended program. If you have more questions about whether or not massage therapy school is for you, why not come by our campus to talk to an advisor and see our students in action. 

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