Be Our Guest! MaKami College Open House June 2022

Be our guest! Come check out what MaKami is all about at our upcoming Open House dates happening in June! 

Do you know someone who is considering going back to school? This is a great opportunity for them to check out our campus, meet our instructors and learn about our programs first-hand.  

Enjoy a free barbecue, take tours of our campus, ask our instructors your burning questions and be entered to win an iPad! 

Open House Dates

Open Houses will be held on the following dates across all campuses:  

Bring a friend!  

If you are a current MaKami student, this is a great chance for you to bring anyone you know who you think may be interested in one of MaKami’s programs to check out the school and its programs for themselves. You get an increased chance of getting your $300 referral bonus plus you will be entered to win MaKami’s monthly referral price, a 40-50” Flat Screen TV!

To RSVP for the Open House, click the button for your city below to email Student Advisory Services.

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