Master Instructor One-Year Certificate Program

Elevate your healthcare career by becoming a certified instructor

Becoming a certified Master Instructor helps doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals make a strong transition into the classroom where they can educate the next generation of healthcare professionals.

The one-year MaKami College Master Instructor Program is offered online and on-campus. Our program is broken down into three separate units, combining both theory and practical training to provide students with a well-rounded, hands-on educational experience.

Students of the Master Instructor program will be trained in the fundamentals of adult student-centered learning. They will practice effective presentation and lecture skills, and will be educated in classroom management. Using the latest technology and internships with Industry leaders, graduates of the program will leave with the skills they need to succeed in their careers as instructors.

Becoming a Master Instructor: What You Will Learn

  • - Identify measurable learning objectives.
  • - Apply adult learning principles.
  • - Establish an environment conducive to learning.
  • - Create diverse opportunities for participants to connect with the content.
  • - Facilitate learning using best practice techniques.
  • - Practice learner-centered training methods and alternatives.
  • - Develop strategies for different learning needs.
  • - Identify challenges in the classroom, and select and apply the most effective solutions.

The curriculum for the first year of the Master Instructor program includes:

Curriculum Outline - Level 1 - Tutor Designation
Module # Module Name
TUT-101 Fundamentals of Adult Student Centered Learning
TUT-102 Presentation and Lecture Delivery
TUT-103 Classroom Management
TUT-104 Assessments and Evaluations
TUT-106 Practicum I

Curriculum Outline - Level 2 - Teaching Assistant Designation
Module # Module Name
TA-101 Fundamentals of Adult Student Centered Learning
TA-102 Presentation and Lecture Delivery
TA-103 Classroom Management
TA-104 Assessments and Evaluations
TA-106 Practicum I

Curriculum Outline - Level 3 - Instructor Designation
Module # Module Name
INS-101 Fundamentals of Adult Student Centered Learning
INS-102 Presentation and Lecture Delivery
INS-103 Classroom Management
INS-104 Assessments and Evaluations
INS-106 Practicum I

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All Master Instructor students receive a laptop to help them with their studies.