Featured Alumni

Megan Bester

The Confidence of a New Career

Prior to massage therapy, Megan was working as a nanny and studied psychology. She always had an interest in massage, though, as her mom was a massage therapist herself. After some research, Megan found MaKami College. A free 1-hour massage gift card for the student clinic offered with every campus tour quickly caught Megan’s eye, so she decided to go for a tour. After her tour, Megan decided to enrol in MaKami’s 3000-Hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Program!

While in school, Megan faced a few challenges. She had high expectations for herself and had a certain level of performance she wanted to achieve. Putting pressure on herself caused Megan a lot of stress, but it also pushed her to keep going and strive for success.

At a career fair hosted by the college, Megan met representatives from Massage Heights and promptly began working with the company after she completed her first year as a volunteer. However, she was quickly promoted to a position as Lead Therapist where she was in charge of hiring and training other therapists. Megan’s success did not stop there. She was later offered a position as the Director of Massage Therapists for Massage Heights in both Edmonton and Calgary. Megan is now the face of Massage Heights and is in charge of hiring, training, scouting and managing the massage therapists.

After graduating from school with this new career, Megan feels like a different person. She is more confident.

Megan loves that she could help people and achieve their goals. Her quality of life has improved and she has become the primary breadwinner of her household. Megan is also able to enjoy a lot of the other perks that come with her increased income, such as eating out and travelling around. She recently spent two amazing weeks relaxing and driving around the seaside in Malaysia and is now in the process of buying a house. Megan also was able to support her husband while he was in school for Civil Engineering. Megan’s future plans include more travelling, with England as the next country on her list of places to visit. She hopes to keep doing massage therapy and working with Massage Heights, with the hope that even more opportunities and responsibilities will unfold in the future. With determination and hard work, we are sure that Megan’s success story has just begun!

Learn more about Massage Heights at massageheights.ca

Shelley Forsyth

Her Story

Meet Shelley, a 2013 graduate of MaKami College. Her massage therapy journey began when she was working in the medical field as a nurse. As much as she loved her work, Shelley found herself unhappy with the extremely competitive and demanding job.

She found herself having to move and lift clients and do other physically strenuous work daily. The strict schedules and limited time spent helping each client also played a part in her wanting to make a change. Lastly, it was an emotionally challenging job as she was always around ailing patients or experiencing patients passing away. Shelley still wanted to pursue a medical career since it was always her passion, but she wanted to go in a different direction. This brought her to massage therapy.

In addition to changing careers, Shelley was also experiencing her own personal emotional turmoil as she was going through a divorce at the same time. Though it was hard, Shelley wanted to prove to herself that she could achieve this goal and be successful.

“If you are not fulfilled or satisfied in your career, it’s never too late to change it, and it’s never too late to go back to school and change your life. Just keep the focus on you and your achievements,” Shelley explains.

Having embarked on a new journey at the age of 52, Shelley has started to reap the rewards. Now at the age of 59, her life is the best it has ever been!

After graduating, Shelley continued her education in massage therapy by completing more courses and now holds a certificate in Graston, Level 3 in Stamina, Facial Stretch Therapy and Rehabilitation. She then started working with MaKami College as a Clinic Supervisor/Community Outreach Coordinator.

Shelley now has the financial freedom to do the things she loves the most. She was able to purchase her dream truck last year, bought a beautiful home in 2016 and was able to open a home-based clinic for her clients. Her business has taken off and has expanded to offer mobile massage therapy services as well.

During her free time, Shelley loves to travel. She recently came back from a trip to Hawaii and will be travelling to Portugal for a month to celebrate her 60th birthday. Shelley is now able to schedule her clients as she pleases, making it easy to fit with her lifestyle.

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