MaKami Student Advisory Services Department

Watch what some members of the SAS department have to say:
Meet Student Advisory Services team member Shannon.
Meet Student Advisory Services team member Olakunle.
Meet Student Advisory Services team member Amanda.

Supporting MaKami students from application to graduation and every step in between!

MaKami College would like to inform all students about the Student Advisory Services (SAS) Department! This department is available to all MaKami College students in both campuses who need tailored services and resources to fit their individual needs.

To find out more about the SAS department and how it can help you contact us!

Services & Resources

  • Payment Options: collaborating with students and potential funding sources to meet the needs of students.
  • Academic Advising: providing academic support including tutoring services and ESL options.
  • Housing: helping students be aware of local, affordable housing options.
  • Health Services: providing students with health care options from nearby dentists to walk-in clinics.
  • Mental Health Councelling: Counsellors and Psychologists provide support to students and their families to encourage good mental health and wellness
  • Public Transportation: providing information regarding the nearest transportation options in and around our campuses.
  • Childcare Services: linking parents with accessible childcare options for their children.
  • Low Income Support: connecting students with local and provincial partners in finding appropriate programs and services to meet their family's needs.
  • Discounts for Students: offering students a national discount card that provides a 10-15% discount on products and services from over 100 local and national companies.
  • P-T Employment Opportunities: collaborating with local businesses to help students find part-time jobs while studying.
  • Community Support: networking with local community organizations like cultural and religious societies to help students find support off campus and within the community.
  • International Student Services: transitioning students into MaKami and Alberta life.
  • Alumni Support: introducing students to the MaKami support services for graduates.