Student Loan Maintenance

Welcome back Alumni! In this section you will find information to assist you in maintaining your student loan prior to and post graduation.

Prior to graduation, the SAS department will contact you to discuss your repayment obligations and to help you develop a repayment plan to meet your needs.

When you graduate, your Alberta Student Loan will be payment-free and interest-free for six months, and your Canada Student Loan will be payment-free for six month but will begin to accrue interest immediately.

If you have not created a repayment plan to meet your needs or need assistance with maintaining your current student loan repayment plan, please contact Shannon, the SAS Department Manager, to make an appointment for individualized student loan advice: [email protected].

Additional information regarding your student loans and repayment options can be found below:

Changing The terms Of The Payments:

Repayment Assistance:

Information For When a Payment Is Missed: