Alberta Government Announces New Affordability Support Initiative

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Stay-at-Home Mom Looking for Some Money of Your Own?

You chose to stay home with your babies, to take care of them the way no one else could. Now they’re in school, and you choose to stay home so you can volunteer at their school field trips, drop them off and pick them up, and be there when they need you. You want to be available in case they aren’t feeling well, or to spend time with them when they have a day off. Your husband makes enough to support this choice, his pay covers all your bills and leaves plenty of money for you to enjoy the finer things in life.

Perhaps you are looking for something to fill your time, a new career that will allow you to get out, engage with people in your community, use the skills you’ve been developing through previous careers, volunteer work, even your time as a mom.

A career as a massage therapist gives you the flexibility to set your own hours, work from home or remotely, and make a little extra money of your own.

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