Alberta Government Announces New Affordability Support Initiative

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See Yourself Building a New Future at MaKami College

Whether you’re fresh out of high school or considering your third career change, it can be a little scary deciding what you want to do with your future, and if you should go ahead with making that change by pursuing an education in the field you’re passionate about.

Millions of people in Canada attend post-secondary school each year of all ages and backgrounds, looking into a variety of college programs. In Alberta alone, there are more than 176,000 post-secondary students enrolled at various institutions across the province.

If they can do it – so can you.

MaKami College Benefits and Student Successes

MaKami has seen thousands of students come through its doors and go on to be successful in their careers. You can learn about some of these students on our Student Success Stories page. Through all of these students and stories we have seen, one thing is always consistent — our students always leave MaKami better than when they first came.

And why not? The benefits of post-secondary education at MaKami College are numerous:

  • You get trained by highly skilled, qualified instructors
  • You are surrounded by other individuals who are just as passionate and driven as you (or they wouldn’t be there).
  • You get the support of instructors, assistants, tutors, ESL instructors, counsellors and more in our Student Success Centre.
  • You have a flexible schedule that allows you to work while you go to school.
  • You get an iPad or laptop (depending on your program) with all your course materials pre-loaded, so you don’t have to buy a ton of books and carry them around to class.
  • You get a ton of practical hands-on experience so you’re set up for success upon graduation.
  • You get help with employment through our career fairs.
  • And more!

MaKami Has an Ever-Expanding Selection of College Programs

While MaKami started out as a massage therapy school in 2001, we have grown immensely since that time, offering an ever-expanding selection of programs to choose from, including:

If you’re thinking about making a change, consider MaKami College, and see yourself in the career of your dreams!