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Request for Massage Therapists for Kidney March

September 5th & 6th, 2014

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is proud to host its 5th annual Kidney March. On September 5-7, 2014, an expected 300 marchers will make the unforgettable 3 day, 100 km walk from Kananaskis Country to Calgary. This beautiful journey begins at the Millarville Race Track and ends at Canada Olympic Park.

Sign up to help! During Kidney March, the Marchers and Crew will need support for walking related issues including foot, leg and back pains. The massage tent will be open from 3-8pm on September 5th and 6th (Friday and Saturday) with shifts ranging in various lengths depending on your schedule. Therapists should bring their own massage tables/chairs/towels and any massage oils that they would like to use. Parking will be provided at the camp site. You will also have the opportunity to bring signage and cards to promote your services or the company that they are representing. Additionally, free, hot meals will be provided for all massage therapists!

An honorarium of $200 per day is available for all massage therapists. The foundation can also provide a tax receipt for the difference of what you would usually charge. An official receipt/invoice must be provided.

For more information regarding Kidney March, please visit the website at www.kidneymarch.ca or contact Alix Richardson at [email protected] | 403.255.6108 ext 30 | 1.800.268.1177 ext 30.