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What are the makings of a great massage therapist?

Massage therapy training

In the next 10 years, massage therapy jobs will grow a whopping 22%. How can you make sure you’re right for the job? Think of massage therapy like any other health sector job. You need to provide the best service, experience, and results for your clients. So what are the makings of a great registered massage therapist?

Registered Massage Therapy Training

If you’re sick, you don’t want just anyone to look after you. You want a doctor! It’s the same with massage therapy. Clients want someone formally trained, someone who has been to a licensed massage therapy school

Massage therapy isn’t something you can learn on YouTube. Real, licensed massage therapy training in a school teaches you anatomy and correct techniques. It’s an education you can trust, and your clients will trust as well.

Good Interpersonal Skills

Besides the right knowledge you learn at a registered massage therapy school, a great registered massage therapist is an expert communicator. You want to comfortably explain your techniques to your clients. It will make them more relaxed and at ease around you.

Like other medical professions, massage therapy requires a physical closeness between both people. Being conversational, friendly, and relaxed will help you build a stronger relationship with your clients.

Desire for the Well-being of Clients

One thing you learn in your registered massage therapy training is how to help others. Great registered massage therapists really do care about their clients and want to use their skills and professional knowledge to help them recover, regain mobility, and relax.

This desire for your clients’ well-being leads you to develop other traits, like dependability. Clients should trust you to always do a great job, be on time, and offer the best treatment.

Business Savvy

Once you’ve gone through massage therapy training and become a registered massage therapist, there are a number of ways to use your skills. You could work for a company, a health care provider, or even on your own. Either way, it helps to be business savvy.

Attending a registered massage therapy school that really focuses on your personal and professional development is a great route to learn how to be a professional in the field and to take care of your career. You need to know how to market your skills and attract new customers, work with an employer, or potentially open your own business. With a little business knowledge under your belt, you’ll be able to move your career in a positive direction.

Massage therapy is an exciting and growing field. If you’re interested in becoming a licensed therapist from a massage therapy school, come visit us on campus and learn more!

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