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MaKami’s Environmental Initiatives

Lush green forest at MaKami's Paradise Ranch in Red Deer County, in Alberta, Canada

MaKami is committed to helping improve the environment and reducing environmental impact.

MaKami has taken environmental action in many ways, with plans to increase these efforts in the future.

Below is a summary of MaKami’s environmental actions. Do you have ideas of how MaKami can be more environmentally friendly? Contact us and share them with us!

Retrofitting Existing Buildings

Since opening its first campus in Edmonton in 2001, MaKami has always had its environmental footprint in mind.

“We think about the environment from the time we decide on where to open a campus,” says MaKami’s CEO Marija Pavkovic-Tovissi. For example, the school chooses older buildings that can be retrofitted instead of building new spaces.

“We make various upgrades to our campuses to improve energy efficiency in the heating, cooling and electrical systems,” says Pavkovic-Tovissi.

The school is also very specific about being close to local transit lines to help encourage staff and students to take transit where possible.

The school provides onsite composting, uses high efficiency LED lighting and chooses filter water fountains over coolers to help reduce its environmental impact. “When we look at our campus operations, we always consider what is the most energy efficient or environmentally-friendly option – it plays a big part in our decision making in everyday purchases,” says Pavkovic-Tovissi.  

The Paradise Ranch Project

In 2020, MaKami purchased approximately 170-acres of land just east of the City of Red Deer. This land is currently a mix of previously used farmland, trees and natural springs that lines the Red Deer River.

“This area was chosen due to its importance in the province’s overall conservation efforts,” says Marija Pavkovic-Tovissi, MaKami’s CEO. “The area is part of more than 1.5 million acres of non-sandy aspen parkland, the largest remaining habitat of its kind in the world.” Because of this habitat, as well as the glacier-fed, 740 km Red Deer River which lines the land, the region is home to native grasslands, plants, wetlands and various birds and wildlife, many of which are under increasing threat from habitat loss.

The project, named Paradise Ranch, includes a number of environmental initiatives and research, including carbon neutrality efforts, soil, water and habitat recovery, testing of solar, hydro and wind projects and more. 

The project will also be home to a variety of research and education initiatives over the coming years. MaKami plans to include educational courses on globalization and the environment, waste management and science and sustainability, and the land is also home to a future agricultural research program, where we will be focusing on sustainable farming initiatives, leveraging clean energy,” says Pavkovic-Tovissi.

Learn more about MaKami’s Paradise Ranch.

Environmental Partnerships

MaKami works closely with a variety of partners to help expand its environmental initiatives.

For example, MaKami’s Edmonton campus works with Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre in many green initiatives, such as lighting automation, energy efficient lighting, recycling and diversion and more.

Likewise in Calgary, MaKami works with Marlborough Mall on its green initiatives, such as harnessing daylight through the use of skylights, recycling initiatives and more.

“We’re always looking for fruitful partnerships where we can work with other organization to expand our green initiatives,” says Pavkovic-Tovissi.

If you have any ideas about green initiative partnerships, please contact us.

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