MaKami College to Massage Calgary Scotiabank Marathon Runners

This coming June, MaKami students and staff will be volunteering in the 50th anniversary of the Calgary Scotiabank Marathon, one of North America’s largest marathons.

“We are very happy to provide massages to participants of the race” says Marija Pavkovi-Tovissi, Managing Director of MaKami College. “Our students are trained in sports massage therapy and this is a great opportunity for them to gain hands-on training on athletes, so it’s a win-win situation.”

A number of MaKami staff members will also be running in support of Queen Esther Education Foundation, a registered charity that helps newcomers and immigrants improve their lives in Canada. “This is the 50th anniversary of the race,” says Tovissi. Our goal is to get 50 runners to raise a total of $50,000.”

If you would like to donate to our runners visit the team page.

To volunteer for this field trip MaKami Edmonton students can contact Jo-Dee. In Calgary, students can speak with Tuyen.