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Introducing MaKami’s Student Values

MaKami is proud to introduce our new Student Values!

These values represent our students and graduates in everything they do, both in school and once they graduate. As a student at MaKami College, you will begin to see these values around campus and incorporated in various ways in your student life.

Leadership: MaKami College empowers students to become the leaders of tomorrow. Offering the highest quality post-secondary education programs in a positive, supportive environment that encourages success and leadership in students and alumni. 

Innovation: MaKami College believes innovation is the cornerstone of education. From cutting-edge iPad-based curriculums to flexible in-class, online and blended programming, MaKami students thrive in an environment of innovation, and we encourage innovation from students and alumni. 

Community: MaKami College supports community, both within the school on a daily basis and outside the school through our powerful connections to the community and the various organizations we work with. Students and alumni are part of the MaKami family! 

Inspiration: MaKami College strives to inspire leadership, innovation and community in our students and alumni. By helping students to discover the best version of themselves, they inspire their fellow students, families, work colleagues and others whose lives they touch. 

Do you know a fellow student who displays one or more of the MaKami Student Values? Nominate them today to win one of our Student Value Awards!