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How to Become a Registered Massage Therapist Online

Becoming a registered massage therapist definitely requires hands-on training to learn the techniques that are going to help make you a great massage therapist. That said, you can still get great training through an online massage therapy program when you take courses through an accredited massage therapy school that has both online and in-person training.

At MaKami College, there are two different learning tracks you can take to become a registered massage therapist: our in-class program or our blended program that bridges online learning with in-class training. With the blended program, your massage therapy education can begin online and you can access many of your massage therapy courses online on your own iPad that you will receive as part of your student package. You can conduct most of your registered massage therapy course work and massage theory work online.

NOTE: During the COVID-19 restrictions all of our registered massage therapy courses will be conducted online. You can continue your learning at home or you may move to the on-campus classes once it is deemed safe to do so by Alberta Health Services. 

In year one of your registered massage therapy program you will cover the basics of anatomy, physiology, pathology and neurology. You will build practical skills, assessment techniques and manual applications. At the end of year one you will complete your first two-week clinical placement and on-site supervised massage therapy clinic for work experience.

In year two, you will learn about the rehabilitation and prevention of injuries and take an advanced look at the medical applications of massage therapy. In year two your online massage therapy education will be enhanced with massage therapy practice while you will work as a registered massage therapist, gaining experience combining your theory and practical training.

Upon completion of the 3,000-hour Advanced Massage Therapy Program at MaKami College, you’ll be a licensed massage therapist who is ready to take on clients. Your advanced RMT program certification means that you will be able to provide health insurance claim receipts upon graduation – something you may not be able to do with other massage therapy programs.

MaKami College’s advanced programs and workplace training help you make the transition from massage therapy student to registered massage therapist with confidence and experience. For more information on starting your massage therapy career by completing your registered massage therapy training online, contact student services today

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