Eye on Alumni: Spencer

For Spencer, taking the the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program at MaKami College was a natural fit.

, “I chose massage therapy because I was always in sports and the whole aspect of treating athletes brought my attention to massage therapy,” says Spencer. “I knew how important getting my 2,200 hours was. Plus I wanted to keep going right after first year to second year to stay fresh and on top of my game.”

, And Spencer did just that. After graduating this spring he got a job with Active Life Centre in St. Albert in August. Active Life Centre focuses on physiotherapy and sports massage.

, “I love my job! I couldn’t ask for a better place to work and people to work for. I might be going to Brazil for the Canadian women’s soccer team and to Sochi, Russia for the Olympics to help with the Canadian woman’s hockey team!”

, He says he loves the atmosphere of working in a massage therapy clinic. “I like helping others feel better and help them achieve goals they have set and you also set as a therapist. Trust me, when you see the smile or the get the feeling that you made a client feel better of just help them out a little bit in a treatment, that’s what it’s all about!”