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Online Programs & Blended Learning Options in Alberta

MaKami offers online courses for many of our programs to allow flexible learning options for our students. With blended online and in-class options and some programs offered 100% online, students of our Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta programs can get the benefits of online learning to complete their diploma or certificate programs. Additionally, most programs include either a new iPad or laptop, depending on the program, loaded with course curriculum, bringing education literally to your fingertips where and when you want it.

Each program has unique requirements. Some of our programs allow students to earn a diploma or certificate completely online, while others offer blended learning formats where students can take some of their courses online while learning hands-on in the classroom to complete the program practicum.

health care aide course students learning practical skills with a blended on-campus and online course format

Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Program

Our 3,000-hour program includes blended online massage therapy courses and in-person classes to earn a diploma in under two years. Online massage therapy courses include foundational classes, and then students gain hands-on training in the classroom to learn and practice various massage techniques.

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medical office assistant students training at MaKami College

Medical Office Assistant Program

Our 10-month program includes medical office assistant courses online and in-person along with on-campus training in a medical office setting in this blended learning program. Students can earn a certificate and get hands-on experience on campus to work as a medical office administrator in under a year.

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business administrative assistant student at a laptop computer learning through online business courses

Business Administrative Assistant Program

The online Business Administration Assistant program is designed to be completed in under a year as a full-time student in a blended online and on-campus format. Students take online business courses and complete exams along with hands-on office training to earn a certificate in just 10 months.

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personal training students learning in a fitness training class with instructor at MaKami College

Personal Trainer Program

The flexible 10-month Personal Training program is offered in a blended online and in-person format. Students can earn a certificate at either our Edmonton or Calgary locations with the flexibility of taking online courses while completing classes and workshops on campus.

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men and women massage therapy students at MaKami College learning in a blended in-person and online college program

Health Care Aide

This program allows students to earn a Health Care Aide certificate in Canada in under a year full-time. Health care aide courses can be taken online with practical labs and clinical placements completed in-person in either our Calgary or Edmonton campuses.

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security service worker training to be a security guard and looking at security monitors at MaKami College's online program

Alberta Basic Security Training Program

This 40-hour online-only Security Training program allows students to be ready to apply for an Alberta Security Services License in less than a week after successful completion of the exam.

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A young female early childhood educator is pictured standing beside a sitting toddler in a daycare setting.

Early Childhood Educator

MaKami College offers a one-year Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) Certificate Program with the option to continue into a second year to receive an ELCC Diploma. ELCC courses are offered in a flexible online and in-person format, with in-person classes offered in the evenings in either our Calgary or Edmonton campuses.

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MaKami College master instructor students in classroom

Master Instructor Program

The Master Instructor program is offered as a blended on-campus and online program to be completed in a year. The program allows flexibility for busy professionals to become instructors while working in their current careers.

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Other Online College Programs at MaKami

a MaKami College instructor teaching a class in-person to students in a classroom

Continuing Education & Workshops

We offer a variety of continuing education courses and workshops to the general public. Depending on the program, there are both online and in-person course options at our Calgary or Edmonton campuses.

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MaKami College Campuses

Whether students attend online-only programs or a blended program with online courses and in-person classroom training, programs are offered through either our Edmonton or Calgary campuses. Learn more about each of our Alberta campus locations that include online learning options.

MaKami College Calgary NE campus in Marlborough Mall

MaKami College Calgary NE

MaKami’s newest campus is located on the city’s northeast side inside Marlborough Mall

MaKami College Edmonton campus in Bonnie Doon Mall

MaKami College Edmonton

Located in the Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre


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