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Explore How You Can Become A Certified Massage Therapist

Modern Learning Approach

Every advanced massage therapy student gets an Apple iPad packed with educational course materials to learn the theory in a fun & interactive way.

Hands-on Massage Therapy Training

Plenty of on-site supervised massage therapy clinic classes to gain valuable knowledge and real-life experience.

Massage Therapy Through A Medical Lens

Take an advanced look at the medical applications of massage therapy and learn the rehabilitation & prevention of injuries.

Scholarships & Awards Eligibility

Different scholarships & awards available to help you financially while you study to become a Registered Massage Therapist.

Massage Therapy Job Opportunities

The world is your oyster. Earn an income in sports massage & injury rehabilitation, working in hospitals, wellness centres or spas, or even run your own business!

Mentorship Opportunities

Discover how MaKami College alumni can further their careers by participating in our in-house mentorship program.

Student Success Stories

There are so many opportunities with massage therapy that most people don’t think about. You can work at a physiotherapist, hospitals, work out of your home. There are many options - Kerstin Pelletier

Discover a New Career in Massage Therapy

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