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To find answers to common questions about the massage therapy program at MaKami College, click on each question below. Find more information about the program, how to become a massage therapist, advisory services offered, student massages, and more.

Massage Therapy Program Overview

What is an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy (ACMT) Certification?

Upon completion of your second year of our ACMT Program, you will get an advanced certification that allows you to work as a licensed 2,200-hour massage therapist and provide health insurance claim receipts.

Our massage therapy program is 3,000 hours and is the most comprehensive, industry-leading program in Alberta.

This qualification is important when looking to find a job as a massage therapist or to open your own massage therapy practice.

Can I Get the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Program Outline?

Yes. Please see the Clinical Massage Therapy Program Curriculum for further information about the massage therapy courses and program.

Where are Your Massage Therapy Programs Recognized?

Completion of the MaKami College Massage Therapy Program is recognized Alberta-wide, and in some cases nationally and internationally.

How Long Does the Advanced Registered Massage Therapy Program Take?

The complete Advanced Registered Massage Therapy diploma program runs for two-years or 3,000 hours. Completion of the program can open the door to a wider variety of massage therapy career options upon graduation.

Can I Transfer Credits?

Massage therapists looking to upgrade your 500-2,200 hours into a 3,000-hour diploma can apply to upgrade your massage therapy hours or for advanced credit. You may even qualify for some financial assistance. Contact us to find out more information.

What Are the Instructors’ Qualifications?

MaKami College maintains extremely high instructor qualification standards. Our faculty have extensive industry education and experience along with educational training and knowledge. Even our learning assistants are trained on site for many years in our educational training and expectations. All faculty are expected to take ongoing continuing education and training as a commitment to exceeding industry standards.

Is the MaKami College Massage Therapy Program Hard?

MaKami College offers plenty of hands-on massage therapy training taught by professional massage therapists who are leaders in the industry. MaKami is unique in offering unlimited academic support to its students through Learning Strategists, tutors, counsellors and more.
We also assist you in gaining your practical experience through practical classes, outreach events and four weeks of practicum placements (two weeks in first year, two weeks in second year).

Is this an Industry-Certified Course?

Yes. MaKami College is currently the only Licensed Massage Therapy College in Alberta to provide a two-year, 3,000-hour diploma program in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy.

How Many Hours of Practical Hands-On Training Will I Receive?

Your first year of study includes plenty of hands-on training and a two-week job shadow placement. Upon successful completion, this allows you to practice as a licensed massage therapist. Your second year of study gives you a total of 3,000 hours of training. During the second year students are able to work as a massage therapist doing their paid practicum while finishing their program requirements, gaining valuable real-life experience prior to graduation. This training will allow you to write receipts for insurance and work in any type of clinical or spa setting. View the full massage therapy program curriculum.

Availability & Accessibility

Where is the Clinical Massage Therapy Program Taught?

This program is taught at both the Edmonton and Calgary campuses and there are online learning options available. Each student receives an iPad loaded with their course materials when they begin classes.

Are There Online Massage Therapy Training Options?

Yes. We have several online learning options and offer a cutting-edge iPad-based curriculum. However, as massage therapy is a very hands-on program and career, we do encourage students to attend in-person practical opportunities through practical classes, outreach events and practicum training when it is safe to do so. IPads will be provided for massage therapy students.

Are There Flexible Course Options?

Definitely! We run weekday and weekend classes as well as online learning classes to help you fit your classes into your schedule. Talk to a student advisor to learn more about your flexible classroom work and online course work options.

Is the Course Taught in Other Languages?

Your courses will be taught in English. However, our iPad-based learning allows students to translate the course content to their preferred language for a more comprehensive learning experience.

We do have tutors and free ESL classes available for students who do not speak English as their first language and would like additional support.

Do you provide support for persons with Learning Disabilities?

Yes, students at MaKami can apply for disability funding, and MaKami also offers academic support for people with learning and physical disabilities. Please contact our Student Advisory Services for more information on disability funding and support services.

Eligibility and Admissions

What are the Education Requirements & Prerequisites?

We require a minimum level of education and English competency. For international students, we require a study permit.

See if you’re eligible with our pre-approval survey or by speaking to a student advisor to check our specific program prerequisites.

How Do I Cancel My Application?

Requests for withdrawals and refunds must be in writing. Please refer to Alberta Student Enrollment Contracts attached in your orientation package for detailed information and cost calculation on refunds.

When Does the Next Semester Start?

Our licensed massage therapy diploma programs start every two months. Upcoming start dates are November 15 in Calgary and November 18 in Edmonton.

Contact a student advisor for more information on upcoming program start dates at your chosen campus.

What are the Application Requirements for an International Student?

You need to be 17 years of age or older, have the relevant study permit, academic transcripts to be translated into English and authenticated by MaKami College Inc. and can demonstrate a competent level of English. Please note: Due to current circumstances regarding COVID-19 we are not currently accepting international students. However, you can still Apply as an international student here, and we will be in contact with you regarding the current status of international applications.

Massage Therapy Program Curriculum

What Courses are Taught in the Massage Therapy Program?

Our 3,000 hour Massage Therapy program offers extensive theory-based and hands-on training in online, in-person or a blended format.

View ourfull Massage Therapy program curriculum here.

Student Massages

Where Can I Find Information About Getting a Student Massage?

View our Student Massage page for more information, FAQs, and to book a massage.

If you have additional questions about MaKami’s massage therapy program, please talk to one of our advisors.

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