Health Care Aide Program FAQs

Why Become a Health Care Aide?

A Health Care Aide Certification is the official industry standard to show the student has completed in-class and practicum training and demonstrated top skills to work in home care and clinical health care settings.

The rising demand for Health Care Aide professionals in Alberta is one of the outcomes of our ageing population. Health Care Aides are unregulated health care workers who provide personal support and basic health services directly to Albertans, primarily in the continuing care sector but also in the acute care facilities. HCAs are the largest occupational group in the continuing care sector.

Home health care allows you to work in clinical settings and non-clinical settings whereas home care only allows you to work in non-clinical settings. This program trains and qualifies you for both types of work.

Eligibility & Admissions

Be 18 years of age or older. Have grade 11 English or equivalent. Proficient in English and digitally literate. Check the international student package for complete details.

Most potential health care aide students are excited to enroll and want to know when they can start classes. MaKami College has health care aide programs starting year-round, contact us today to learn more about the next program start date for Edmonton.

The program is taught in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta.

MaKami College Edmonton

This program has 40 weeks - 10 months, 735 total hours of training fit into 9 courses over 2 semesters.

You may be eligible for scholarships at MaKami College. Book a tour and talk to our admissions team about your scholarship options.

We offer flexible learning options to help you fit this program in your schedule. They include full-time classes, evening and weekend workshops.

Watch the Student Success Stories videos or visit our YouTube page to hear what our tutors and students have to say about their experience at MaKami College.



Provide evidence that meets the age requirements, meets th educational requirements and meets the Eenglish requirements. Check the interational sutdent package for complete details. Apply as an international student here.

Requests for withdrawals and refunds must be in writing. Please refer to Alberta Student Enrollment Contracts in your orientation package for more details on refunds.

Program Curriculum

Students get plenty of support from knowledgeable staff, free extra resources, one-on-one attention within our student success centre to ensure that there is complete support from day 1 of the course.

For further information about the course, read the Health Care Aide curriculum page.

We have full-time classes, evening and weekend workshops. To learn more about the Health Care Aide Program, we highly recommend attending one of our student tours.

Our MaKami College Health Care Aide Program will make you a certified professional that is recognized Alberta-wide.

Yes, by completing the Health Care Aide Course at MaKami College and passing the provincial exam, you will be an industry-certified professional.

The new 2019 Government of Alberta program contains 3 clinical placements that total 360 hours of the program.
The first 2 placements are instructor led experiences with employers where you can learn to effectively apply your classroom and lab training.
The third clinical placement is an opportunity for students to work alongside another HCA and get immediate feedback on the skills you need to succeed as a Health Care Aide.

You will be taught by experienced and knowledgeable staff who have worked as a regulated nurse (RN, LPN, RPN, NP) in the province of Alberta.

Yes. There are online learning options for our Health Care Aide programs. We offer a cutting edge iPad-based curriculum (with interactive graphics) combined with hands-on training to help you get the experience you need to succeed in your role as a Health Care Aide post-graduation.

All MaKami College students have access to free English courses and if required, multilingual student advisors and tutors are also available at both MaKami campuses. Read more about our ESL programs.

Career & Mentorship Support

Graduates upgrade their schooling through discounted Makami workshops at any time! We also provide assistance in finding employment, starting own business and mentorship opportunities. For more information visit our Alumni Benefits Page.

After successfully completing your program at MaKami College, you will be eligible to take the Provincial exam to become a Health Care Aide

Health Care Aides work under the direct or indirect supervision of a regulated health professional, such a as nurse, in a variety of settings including: home care, assisted living facilities, long-term care.

Upon graduation, you can immediately get a job as a Health Care Aide and earn as much as $25 an hour.

Scholarships & Financial Assistance

There are student loans such as Alberta Student Aid and Canada Student Loan.

When you graduate, your Alberta Student Loan will be payment-free and interest-free for six months, and your Canada Student Loan will be payment-free for six months but will begin to accrue interest immediately.

Our Student Advisory team can advise where you can find information on student loans, financial assistance from various sources, charity grants, i.e. Queen Esther Education Foundation, or other forms of funding.

Prior to graduation, the Student Advisory Services team will contact you to discuss your repayment obligations and develop a repayment plan to meet your needs.


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