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Find answers to commonly asked questions about MaKami College’s 10-month online Business Administrative Assistant diploma program in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.

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To find answers to common questions about the Business Administration Assistant program at MaKami College, click on each question below. Find more information about this business administration program, requirements, how long the program will take, and more.

Business Administrative Assistant Program Overview

The Business Administration Diploma Program is designed to be completed in 10 months, or 900 hours. That means you could be working as an administrative assistant or other office administration job in under a year!

The role of a business administrator can vary greatly depending on where they work. Business administrative assistants can greet guests at reception, conduct administrative tasks such as answering phones and booking meetings, and they can even be involved in event planning and social media management for a company.

MaKami’s leading-edge business administration program is packed with real-life courses to help you get hired upon graduation. The curriculum includes everything from computer basics to marketing and social media management. Learn more about our business administration curriculum

MaKami’s 10-month online program is offered in a case study format, which means that in addition to our state-of-the-art business administration curriculum, which already provides real-life office skills, you will be placed as an administrative assistant within a mock company. You’ll have imaginary managers, coworkers, tasks and assignments that will prepare you for today’s dynamic office environment.

In Alberta, administrative assistants make an average of $47,000 per year.

MaKami students are eligible for many types of financial assistance depending on their unique situation, such as student loans, bursaries, grants and more. Learn more about our Financial Options.

Yes it is! MaKami is licensed by the Government of Alberta and listed on the Government of Canada’s list of Designated Learning Institutions. We are also in good standing with NHP CanadaCRMTA, and the Canadian Sports Massage Therapists Association.

Business administrators are in high demand so there are many business administration jobs available to graduates once they leave school. Business administrators can work in any office environment or in a reception role in basically any industry, making it a very flexible career path.

MaKami’s Business Administration diploma program is a 10-month program created in a case study format where you are hired in a mock company, learning real-life workplace skills from day one. MaKami’s curriculum is up-to-date with today’s workplaces, with leading-edge courses that will have you ready to hit the ground running when you graduate.

MaKami College offers its Business Administration program every two months online, so you can study from anywhere! (Yes, even internationally!) The program is offered out of our Edmonton and Calgary campuses, with opportunities to come into campus to enjoy social life. Learn more about our campuses.

Availability and Accessibility


The Business Administration program is offered online. The unique case study format allows students to learn in a simulated environment, providing the practical, hands-on training they will need to be successful in the workplace.

At the end of the program they will also have a full ePortfolio ready to be used to find employment!

Eligibility and Admissions

What Are the Admissions Requirements to Be Eligible for the Administrative Assistant Program?

Students under the standard admission for the Business Administration program must meet the following criteria:

  1. Alberta high school diploma, verified by transcript, or non-Alberta equivalent,
    Successful completion of the General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.)
  2. Successful interview with school administration, at the discretion of the school.
  3. Must be minimum 17 years of age.

Programs using Mature Admissions for the Business Administration program must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be 18 years or older.
  2. Must complete the MaKami College admission test with a score of 65%
  3. Minimum completion of Grade 10 English with score of 60% or higher
    Completion of at minimum a post- secondary certificate or diploma where English was the language of instruction.
  4. Successful interview with school administration, at the discretion of the school.

As English is the language of instruction in all programs at MaKami College, we require all applicants to demonstrate communicative proficiency in the English language prior to admission acceptance. This will enable academic success for all applicants.

Business Administration Program Curriculum

What Business Training Courses for Administrative Professionals are Included?

MaKami’s Administrative Assistant program curriculum combines in-class business administration courses offered online with a case-study format where students will learn hands-on in real-life office environments. The business administration courses include a variety of classes to learn common computer programs and office administration and management skills. View our full Business Administration program curriculum for more details.

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